Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pictures sent 8-4-2013

The Utahn Trio in Ulsan - Sister Smith, Sister Burgoyne, Sister Burton

July 29, 2013

Mon. July 29, 2013
Hello, everybody!  So, I don't have any paper with me but I couldn't bear NOT to send a letter this week (especially with on hour & a half bus ride looming ahead).  So, I've scrounged around in my bag and found some random scraps to write on.  This bit was once a Korean tithing donation envelope, but now as you can see, it makes beautiful stationary.  You might be wondering WHY I have no paper??  Because (not thinking) I packed it all up and shipped it ahead of me with my books and clothes and other things.  I never knew that you could send luggage through the post office-do people do that in America??  Anyway, so my paper lies in wait for me in (sheen jung) which is right smack in the center of the city Ulsan - ring a bell?  Yep, I was here a few weeks ago to visit a very special family.  I never would have guessed (but my old companion did!) that I would be back so soon and here to stay!  The "Ulsan family" does not live directly in our area, but there are no sisters in(that area) so we're kind of in charge of that area too... there are no coincidences! Hopefully we'll be able to meet with them again soon.  Keep praying that we will be able to teach them!!  I am now serving in a TRIO with not just two other americans, but two other Utahites as well.  Sister Burgoyne from SLC and Sister Smith from South Jordan.  Sister Burgoyne entered the MTC at the same time that I did, but she arrived in Korea 4 weeks later because she had to get her tonsils taken out.  Sister Smith is in her 5th transfer, so she was trained for two transfers (like me) and than SHE trained a Korean companion for 2 (which means she's awesome) and now here we are all!  The LANGUAGE is certainly going to be an adventure for us all, but we know we can do it because God wouldn't put us here if we couldn't!  I am so excited for what we will learn and do as we all serve with each other.  Leaving Gupo was a tearful event, and I will miss (Esuebean) tremendously, but I feel such a peace and excitement because I know this is where I'm supposed to be next!  I am grateful to know this and feel this because not everyone does.  It was super hard on my companion.  But her new companion - Sister Ellingson(!!!) will take good care of her I know! What a small world it is :).  Now, I promised to send the story of my violin but I never did.  Thank you Sam, for reminding me today!  Its crazy that was exactly six weeks ago.  This transfer went by so quickly.  So six weeks ago, after transfer meeting, Sister (Esuebean) and I ventured off to Haeundae to visit a violin shop owned-->