Monday, December 29, 2014

Email December 29, 2014

Email December 29, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

It was great to see and talk to you all on Christmas! Its good to see everyone doing well.
Christmas week has been so weird in comparison to a normal week of missionary work. Most of the week we were given the suggestion not to go finding, which makes sense, so we did a lot of Christmas caroling. There was one area that we biked out to and realized we had forgotten the address for the member we were visiting. Elder Amos was sure it was number 29 so we when't over to the house and we knew immediately that it was the wrong number. We didn't recognize the house and the name on the mailbox was wrong. We decided to knock it anyway and an older woman came to the door with a big smile on her face. When we asked her if we could sing a few Christmas songs to her she let us right in. We sung, talked, said a prayer, and left with a box of chocolates she had given us because we wouldn't accept money. Turned out the chocolates had alcohol in them so we couldn't eat them anyway, but it was a nice offer.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Photos from Elder Burton

Email December 22, 2014

Email December 22, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

So the story behind Lisse Lotte, the woman I baptized a few weeks ago up in Frederikshavn. My very first Sunday in the area her and her husband Simon just showed up in church. My companion Elder Horochs when't on splits with a member into another room to teach Julia, an investigator I hadn't met yet, and I went with another member and taught Lisse Lotte and Simon. The next Sunday they didn't show up to church because she was in the hospital giving birth, but the week after that they received special permission to leave the hospital for a few hours to come to church with their new baby Anikin. And then they have  come to church almost every week sense. Lisse Lotte had been taught quite a bit back when she was a teenager but had investigated more for a specific missionary then for the church. Once she was married she wanted to raise her children in a religion and remembered how much she liked the Church of Jesus Christ, so she came back.

We just got transfer calls, I'll be staying with Elder Amos for another transfer!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Photos From Denmark

Baptism for Lise Lotte

Email December 15, 2014

Email December 15, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

Its been a great week! We have found a tone of new people who are wanting to learn more about the gospel. Now comes trying to get back into contact with everyone so that we can actually teach them. The first contact always seems to be a miracle in itself because it seems to be the only time that person is ever home. Tuesday morning we set out to stop by an old potential investigator and decided last minute to walk instead of bike so that we would have more opportunities to give out the "He is the Gift" cards. The third person we tried to talk to made eye contact with me and walked right over before I could approach him. He shook my hand and we started talking, I mentioned who we were and what our message was, but then he cut in nodding his head and said it had been a while and he asked when we were going to come by. Confused, we asked his name and realized he is the man we were on the way to visit. If we had decided to bike after all we never would have ran into him. Now we have an appointment set up for next Wednesday.

Quote of the week....
"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."-Delai Lama

Monday, December 8, 2014

Email December 8, 2014

Email December 8, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

I had a great opportunity on Saturday of going back up to Frederikshavn and baptizing Lise Lotte. I was called last week and was told she had asked me to baptize her. It was great to be able to see her and her family again along with everyone else I got to know so well while I served up there.

Last Monday we spent some time on preparation day in the indoor rain forest that's here in Randers. That was a lot of fun. Turns out its only 20 kr more for a season pass than it is for a day pass so we will be spending a few Mondays with the monkeys. 

Zone Conference on Thursday was great! It began in the morning with a training and intro to the new Christmas Initiative that the church is doing for the month of December, I'm sure everyone has seen the He is The Gift video, and if not you should ( We're focusing on the message of Christs birth this month to find those who have been prepared for the gospel. In ever Ensign magazine you should also be receiving a small booklet with 9 cards to give out to friends and family, and yesterday the church had bought out the home page on YouTube and they were the only advertisers with the He is the Gift video. Ask those you know if they have seen it and if not invite them to. I invite you all to share the video on Facebook and in any other way that you can. This will touch the hearts of people around the world. I once talked to a man who was shocked he had not heard that there was a prophet on the earth today. Lets make sure everyone has an opportunity to hear this message, that God exists, and that He loves us so much that He sent His son Jesus Christ to earth that we may receive everlasting life.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Photos From Randers

Email December 1, 2014

Email December 1, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

Well I would call this a successful week. We had a lot of time we used for finding those who are ready and instead of just "being out finding" we were finding. We talked to seven people who are wanting to learn more! Talking to everyone certainly is a big part of it, as well as knowing that the Lord is with you, and that with Him you will be led to those who are ready.

On Thursday evening we were out stopping by a few old investigators and no one was home. We walked out of the apartment building a little disappointed, a young man was walking by right as we came out. We stopped him and introduced ourselves, he pulled out his ear phones and said "sorry I don't understand, can you speak English?" The American accent :(, ah well, he comes from Albania though so that's part of it as well. We started talking to him and he began showing interest in what we were saying and asked if we would walk with him, he was going to meet a friend. He's had a crazy background, been shot in the knee by his father who also killed his brother. Has had a lot of anger problem and hasn't been involved with much good. When he first came to Denmark he would go out and get into fights with just about anyone, but one day his friend, the one we were going to go meet, had pulled him aside and taught him what was right. He helped him to completely turn his life around. We spent almost an hour and a half with the two of them talking about everything from the word of wisdom to the plan of salvation and over to the restoration. They were both accepting everything and understanding how it could bless their lives. Right before we had to leave Elder Amos was inspired to ask what they do. and we learned that they play on an American Football team with a friend of there's who is member and our branch presidents son. That connection will be so helpful in meeting with them again.