Monday, July 28, 2014

Photos from Denmark

Elder Burton, Mike, & Elder Durrant

Email July 28, 2014

Email July 28, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton
"The Why of tomorrow is more important than the What of today." -Elder Durrant

Bunch of Burtons

July is flying by. Witch also means summer will be gone just as quick. The other day while we were making dinner the music we were listening to switched files to a Christmas file, not to uncommon, but this time it made me really want Christmas to come. With all the excitement, the cold and the snow. The only disadvantage is that here that means no light for days, you can already see the difference. When we are heading for bed its actually dark enough to sleep.

A lot happened this week! We had a lot of very positive lessons! One was with a man named Mike who lives a little ways away so we met him at a castle instead of going all the way to his house. The castle turned out to be more of a small palace. What I think of when I picture a castle is a defensive fort with stone walls and towers, maybe with a mote. Oh well. I guess the King who lived in this castle had a pond filled with fish right bellow his window so that he could hang a line out the window and fish from his room. When he didn't catch anything he would get angry and punish anyone around him, so his servants started sitting underneath his window and would put a fish on his hook without him knowing so that he always caught a fish. Our friend Mike knows so much about history, when we first got to the castle we walked around the grounds and he told us all about everything we saw. He's offered to go down to a more famous castle with us and the rest of our District and he could give us a tour so we wouldn't have to pay for one. Mike is very positive. He's really wanting to learn for himself if God exists and if this is his true church. He told us that he's either all in or all out and from what I can tell he's more on the all in. He'll be a strong member once he's baptized.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Photos from Denmark

Email July 21, 2014

Email July 21, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton
"When in the work of the Lord the power behind you is always more powerful then the obstacles before you."

Bunch of Burtons

     We just received news that Elder Bednar is coming to Denmark and is going to be giving a mission wide conference on September 6th! So many great and exciting things are happening lately! Roomer is Elder Bednar is coming with the Ipads, September is about the time we're scheduled to get them. I didn't expect an Apostle to be coming though, I can't wait to hear his message, the conference with him is going to be two hours and the whole mission is coming even the Icelandic Elders. That's as long as a session of General Conference that we get to listen to one Apostle!
     Thanks Dad for the quote you sent from Alex! "As time sweeps us all away let's choose not to lament or mourn it but to savor and enjoy it. The experience of the passage of time is but a one time experience. We only get it while we're here on earth." I had written down the same quote from the letter she wrote and I was just reading it and shared it with my companion this morning. That is one thing I really have been learning on my mission, the importance of using time wisely. Its so hard to do, but can make a huge difference when attempted. Mom mentioned how Dad has been spending every spare minute he can to work on the garage, that's awesome! Imagine how many hours we loose because when we have a few minutes instead of doing something productive we sit and think about all the things we would do if we had more time. Something I've been trying to do lately, not extremely successfully but its improving, is using spare minutes I have during the day, on car rides, at bus stations, or after meals to learn and study. I try to carry a small note book with Danish vocabulary I need to learn, and after meals I read from the books in the Missionary Library. I forget quite a lot to study in the few minute breaks I have, but I am doing better and learning more. Imagine how much we could learn or accomplish if every spare minute was filled with it?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Photos from Denmark

New companion Elder Durrant

Email July 14, 2014

Email 7-14 -14  Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons
     Crazy transfer day! We took a train three hours last night to Aarhus and dragged our luggage to the Elders apartment there to spend the night and then this morning barely missed our first train and then took another three hour train ride to Høl Taastrup were I met my new companion Elder Durrant and we drove over to the library with a few other Elders to email. Transfers wouldnt have been too bad except that sometime last night I got a bad case of pink eye, or something similar, and my eyes have been freaking out ever sence. At some points I litterally can not pull my eyes open because of a mix of bad sleep and soreness. Its getting a little better though because Im able to sit and type and still see the screen and all the great pictures everyone sent. And thanks for that!
      Ah! I just realized Im logged in as a guest so I dont have much more time and it wont let me add time! If I cant log back on then Ill just email more next week sorry!
 Meget Kærlighed!
Elder Burton

Bunch of Burtons
     Well here's the second try, we're in Holbæk now and found some time to finish our emailing. There are lots of photos this week so I hope they all get uploaded before we are done, we have an eating appointment tonight that is a half hour drive so we don't have tones of time.
     Elder Durrant, he has two little brothers, ran a little cross country and played basket ball in high school, comes from Mapleton Utah but went to Provo High. He was pretty sick not to long ago so I guess he has lost a tone of weight. We're already getting along great, so thats good although I didnt expect anything different.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Photos from Denmark

Email July 7, 2014

Email July 7, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton
Transfer calls!

Bunch of Burtons

We just got transfer calls, Ill be transferring next Monday to Holbæk! A car area! And the biggest ward in Denmark! I'm so excited! More than I thought I would be, I have to leave Frederikshavn and the people who are here, but I have the opportunity to serve somewhere new. New people to serve and come to love. I know it's where I need to be otherwise I wouldn't have been called. Elder Hawkes's call is exciting as well, he's going to be training a new elder! He really will do such a great job, he's basically been adding to my own training the whole time I've been with him. He'll defiantly be missed.

Sunday, July 6, 2014