Monday, January 30, 2017

Photos from Buenos Aires South Mission

Elder Burton Greeting Apostle Stevenson

Elder Burton and Elder Tenhoeve Training Missionaries

Email January 30, 2017

Email January 30, 2017 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Interviews, working on transfers.

Great week!! Very busy as usual. This week we interviewed the last 4 zones of the mission and it went really well. Also on wednesday we watched the world wide missionary broadcast which was great.  They announced a few changes that will be interesting, we spent a lot of time with president this week figuring out how we want to apply it all to our mission specifically. We´re excited to see who it all works out.

Saturday was awesome, we were able to divisions with some zone leaders in our area and it was very successful. We found 7 new investigadores which was great. One that we found is a man named Hector. He´s 78 years old and told us that he has had 7 heart bypass surgeries. Yeah pretty crazy. But he looks great still and and has a very stong testimony of Jesus Christ because of it. When we found him he was just sitting outside of his house drinking mate (which is a famaous argentine drink). We sat down with him for a while to teach and after we said the closing prayer he told us something very interesting. He said something like this: "Just so that you kids know, today is the first time in two years that I have sat outside of my house to drink mate. The only reason I´m right here today is because the power went out so I didn´t have another option. It´s interesting how God puts us in the places where we need to be." 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Email January 23, 2017

Email January 23, 2017 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
EFY, Elder Stevenson

Wow, what an awesome week! We started of on Tuesday by going to my first EFY! Jaja, never thought that that´s something that would happen on the mission. A few weeks ago the EFY director invited president to go and give a class to help the youth get excited for the mission. President asked us to tag along and help out which was awesome. Basically we spent the day telling fun mission stories, I answered lots of questions about my missing tooth which was fun :) It´s become quiet the trademark. I found it really fun and way different to teach youth than missionaries. I think the key in almost any teaching situation is to help them feel comfortable. A lot of times that involves laughter, and always the spirit.

The rest of the week we did interviews of four more zones. They went really well, we have really good missionaries here.

This morning was definitely one of the highlights of my mission.We had the great opportunity to  have a special leadership meeting with Elder Stevenson of the twelve. Wow, it was incredible. In attendance were the assistants, zone leaders, district leaders, and sister training leaders of the 4 missions in Buenos Aires. I think one of the strongest spiritual confirmations that I have had happened as he entered the chapel this morning. As he entered the room he brought with him the spirit that confirmed to everyone that he really is an apostle of God. After he entered the director stood up and announced that Elder Stevenson had asked that we all come forward to shake his hand. What an honor it was to be able to shake his hand and greet him personally. What a great man.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Email January 16, 2017

Email January 16, 2017 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton

This week was great! It was the first week of interviews with the new 12 zone system, this week we interviewed 4 of them and they all went great! The nice thing about smaller zones is that we finish a lot ealier in the day so we actually have time to work a little at night :) This round of interviews was focused on the importance of companionships. While President intervied individual missionaries, Elder Tenhoeve and I interviewed the companionships to help them solve problems and be able to work better. It went well, it was cool to do something a little different and I think we were able to help a lot of companionships.

On Thursday during the interviews President suddenly stopped the rotation and called Elder Tenhoeve and I into his office. We had no idea why. He explained to us that he had just gotten off the phone with the second councelor of the area presidencia. He told president that this next Monday, the 23rd of January, Elder Stevenson of the twelve will be in Buenos Aires and wants to do a special lidership council with all the liders of the Buenos Aires missions! So next monday that´s where we´ll be!! We´re going to Capital to be trained by Elder Stevenson, I couldn´t be more excited :) I´ll let you all know about it next week.

Well I hope that everyone has a great week! Life is great down here in Buenos Aires, I love this work and I love the Lord. Thanks for everything :)

Les queiro, Elder Burton

Monday, January 9, 2017

Photos from Buenos Aires

A Bat Elder Burton found in his apartment

Elder Burton and Elder Tenhoeve enjoy a morning at the Buenos Aires Temple

Email January 9, 2017

Email January 9, 2017 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Bat in the house

Another great week!! This week was súper nice because we had a lot more time to work in our area. There´s nothing better than that. On Wednesday we had the great opportunity to go to the temple for our mission leadership council. We did a session and then met together for a few hours to talk about the new changes that have been going on in the mission. It was awesome, I love the temple so much. You leave just feeling so empowered with the spirit and with desires to just work harder and serve more. I´m grateful that we have a temple so accessible in this mission.

After we got back from the temple we returned to our apartment to find a little bat trapped inside. We always have to leave the windows open so that the humidity doesn't get out of control and a bat found it´s way in. It was pretty dang scared, it was kinda sad. But it was fun trapping it, in the end we threw it back out the window and it was fine :) 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Photo From Banfield 2

President & Sister Calquin, Elder Tenhoeve, Elder Burton, & Area President Mark A. Bragg at the Banfield 2 Ward

Email January 2, 2017

Email January 2, 2017 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Happy New Year!!

Feliz año neuvo!! I hope everyone had a gread to year, it was awesome down here. I still can´t believe that it´s 2017!! Super wierd, but I´m super excited! It´s gonna be a year of changes and adventures. We´ll see what it brings.

We spent New years eve with president and his family. He had his sons family visiting from Chile which was really fun. We were able to get to know them pretty well as we played ping pong for a few hours. Good way to spend the end of the year. :)

The rest of the week was spent in meetings. On tuesday the new missionaries arrived and they are awesome!! That is always my favorite day of the transfer, new missionaries bring so much enthusiasm :)

We fould a new investigator this week named Nilda. She´s great, about 70 years old and super layed back. A very good person. She accepted a bautismal date for the 14th of this month!! We´ll see how things go.

Well I hope everyone has a great week and an amazing start of the new year! I love you all, thanks for everything that you all do for me :)

Les quiero, Elder Burton