Monday, January 27, 2014

Photos from Denmark

Viking Ship

January 27, 2014

Email January 27, 2014

Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton –Another week

Bunch of Burtons

Monday again, the days are all starting to just fly by. Its scary and exciting at the same time.

So this morning we spent the before noon, as Danes say, shoveling snow. It was actually a lot of fun, brought back memories thats for sure. The main differences were first of all i was using a wooden snow shovel. I was going to take a picture, but forgot. It made it pretty hard because the whole time I was woried I was going to shatter the entire thing. The other big difference is the cobble stone. You know when your shoveling snow and you run into the crack between the sections of sidewalk and you shovel stops dead and you run into the handle. And its really anoying. Well imagine that evey few inches. With a wooden shovel that could brake at any moment. We finaly found brooms worked much better, so we just used small push brooms for the rest of the job. Anyway thats why we're a little late emailing, we had to move our whole squedual back. It snowed though so its ok!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Photos From Denmark 1-20-14

Elder Burton and his companion Elder Hinrichs in their apartment

January 20, 2014

Email January 20, 2014

Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton
Week . . . actually I can’t remember maybe 5 or 6.

Bunch of Burtons

Well, where to begin?

The mold is already on its way back... the walls are more gray than they were after we cleaned. We talked to President though and he said they'll start looking for a new apartment. We'll see how long that takes though. It could be a while.

This weeks been great! We've started meeting med (with) a girl named Michelle, who's been comming to chuch for about eight months now and has wanted to get baptised. There has been a lot of confusion though because she lives in the Seccond Ward boundries and has been comming to First Ward, so no one new who was sopose to teach her and which ward she could be baptised into. Eventually we just started giving her the lessons, and there going great. We havnt set up a baptisimal date yet because she is trying to figure out when it would work best to have family make it. I think she has a relative down in Germany who is a member who she wants to baptise her, and she wants to work out a time that they can make it. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Email January 13, 2014

Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton – Week Four

Burnch of Burtons

The begining of a great week today, we got snow! Which I guess it has its ups and downs. Snow will be more dry than all the rain, but it also means its quite a bit colder. It will be interesting bikeing, we havnt tried that yet today.

Speaking of bikes this week we were planning on bikeing a good 12 or so kl to try and contact a referal we recieved. Which was kind of a cool story itself. Ill get to that in a min. Within the first fifteen min of biking Ældste Hinrichs chain had poped off maybe three times, the last time we put it back on we lifted the bike up, he got on, pedled once and the chain came right back off. Then the phone rang so we ended up not having enough time to finish the trip. Instead we went back to the apartment and tightened the chain. Which seems to have worked sence it hasnt come off sence.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Photos from Denmark

These are some photos of Ken's 1st apartment in Odense, Denmark.  (inside,  outside w/companion Elder Hinrichs, looking out, mold before cleaning)  Ken has spent many hours cleaning the mold that keeps growing on the wall.  Notice the stain on the wall left from the mold that looks like the Danish flag.

January 6, 2014

Email January 6, 2014 – New Year’s Week

Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

I feel like my mind goes blank everytime I sit down to write emails or letters. It feels like we hardly did anything all week until you really start thinking about it.

New Years Eve-

Crazy! The whole day went normal like anyother day, but that night was awesome. We went over to the Ridel's house for dinner and stayed until after midnight playing games and watching fire works. There house was a little out of the city so we were able to look out over the city and watch the fire works. Ive never seen so many fireworks in the last 18 yrs put together. The main portion lasted for a good two hours at least, comming from every direction. And that isnt counting the hours and days of fire works leading up to it. Not quite as many but still a lot. We watched this one guy a few days before New Years walk out his front door and shoot a buch out over the houses. If we hadn't gone to bed so late it probably would have been hard to fall asleep that night because of all the fireworks still going off. The entire city sounded like a war zone.