Monday, March 28, 2016

Email March 28, 2016

Email March 28, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Happy Easter!!

Wow, what a great week this week! By far this was the best week for numbers that I´ve had my whole mission. We were very very blessed to be able to find 14 new investigatores this week which is amazing. But thats not even the best part, The part that is incredible is that we were able to set baptism dates wdith 12 of them in the first lesson! So as of yesterday we had 13 investigatores with dates to be baptized the 16 of April. Pretty crazy, I could hardly believe it. Unfortunatley, 7 of those dates fell through yesterday because the majority of them didn´t attend church. But a 6 did! So right now we´re left with 6 awesome people with dates for the 16th. We´ll see how things go with them, but they are doing super well right now. This week was definitley a testimony to me that the Lord is in this work with us and he leads us to the people that he has prepared. Also, he does it in his own timing. A lot of times in life we don´t have a lot of success and we ask ourselves what we are doing wrong and why we aren´t being blessed the way we want. But as Isiah says, God´s ways are higher than our ways, his thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Our father has a plan for us and he knows what we need and with what to bless us. And sometimes what to take from us. It´s something that I´m always trying to remember. To submit my will to the will of my father as a child would. That is the only way that we can really reach our true potencial. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Toothless Again

Email March 21, 2016

Email March 21, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Toothless again :)

Tuesday night I woke up in the middle of the night and something just felt weird. Then I reallized that my fake tooth was loose. It stayed in for a few days until Saturday when I was contacting a lady in the train. I just hope that my tooth randomly falling out during our conversation didn´t give her a bad first impresion of the church. She did have a kind of scared look on her face when it happened though...thats life I guess :)

So sad news. Remember the miracle investigatoresd, Eva and Carlos, that we found last week? The ones that literally told us they´d been praying and witing for us and wanted to get sealed in the church? Yeah, well this week they called us and told us that they were done and didn´t want us to come back to keep teaching them. They had told there daughter who is a pastor of another church that they were going to get married in our church and their daughter got really mad. She said that they had to get married in her church for a buch of reasons. I guess there was a pretty big argument and in the end they just decided that they wouldn´t get married in any church. Pretty sad, Satan has a way to get into the hearts of people. He always has a way, even when we´re prepared and think we´re strong. It´s important that we never let him have the slightest hold or advantage of us, cause once he gets a little he´ll just keep taking more. But I have faith that one day Eva and Carlos will acept the gospel. Even if it´s in the other life. I know they need it. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016

Email March 14, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Dios escucha oraciones

Wow, what a great week. Pretty much every week in the mission is awesome but sometimes you just have weeks that stand out. This was one of those weeks, and it all started with a miracle.

On tuesday we were out knocking doors, looking for an old investigator. Suddenly we heard someone call out to us, so we turned around and there was this little old man behind his fence, beckoning us to come over. So went over to talk to him, not really expecting much to happen. This man (Carlos), began to tell us about all the health problems he has and his hard life. WHich is pretty normal, happens all the time as a missionary. But then he surprised us by saying that him and his wife were wanting to get married in a church and that they had deciced that the mormon church was the right one to do it. He asked us to come in and expain to him and his wife what they needed to do to get married in our church. So we entered, both a little surprised, and met Carlos´ wife Eva. As soon as Eva saw us she just lit up and began to talk. She told us that about three yers ago her and her husband had met with the missionaries 2 times but for some reason the missionaries stopped visiting them. But they had given them a Book of Mormon and over the last three years Eva had been reading the book of mormon. And she recieved an answer that it was true. Several months ago she began to pray that God would send her the missionaries again so they she could learn more and get married in the church. And there we were. Eva literally told us that she had been waiting for us to come. There were tears in my eyes as she told us that and I realized that God had let us be the answer to her prayers. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Email March 7, 2016

Email March 7, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
New Transfer

As we thought, me and Elder Cortez will be staying here in Alejandro Korn for another transfer! Which is great, there are still a ton of things that I need to learn from my comp and we work great together so I´m glad we´re both staying.

I love new transfers, just kind of a fresh start. A time refocus a little and set new goals to improve.

It was another great week as always! We found this new family that are awesome. Ruben, Alicia and one child that is less than a year old. They are catholic but haven´t been active for a long time because they don´t beleive en saints. But they have a very strong belief in God and Christ. Ruben is a super deep thinker which is fun. He´s very smart and understands what we teach really well. About a year and a half ago their they set a goal to read 2 pages in the bible every day. And they did it, they just finished recently. They just kept going off in the lesson with tons of stories of miracles in their lives and ways that God has blessed them. We envited them to be baptized in the first lesson and they accepted! Unfortunately they aren´t married so we weren´t able to set a date. But they´re a great family, I´m excited to keep teaching them and help come to Christ.