Monday, April 25, 2016

Email April 25, 2016

Email April 25, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
No tengo titulo

This week has been awesome! It was the first week with my new companion Elder Rivera. And from how the first week went I have a feeling that it´s gonna be a great transfer. He´s an awesome missionary, one of the things I´ve noticed most is that he teaches really well with inspired questions. It´s something that I´m tring to improve so I´m excited to learn from him in that area and so much more.

Yesterday we had 7 investigatores attend church!! It was a huge blessing, great way to end the week. They all promised to come next week too, so we´ll see how things go.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Photos from Alejandro Korn

Elder Burton & ElderCortez with Griselda and Juan Carlos Maldonado

Elder Burton with his new companion Elder Rivera

My mission family: Step grandson, son, me, dad, Brother, Nephew.
Missing my grandson in the photo 

Email April 18, 2016

Email April 18, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton

Wow, another transfer already come and gone. Elder Cortez left to be a zone leader in a different zone and I´m staying here in Alejandro Korn with my new companion, Elder Rivera! He is from Honduras and has 15 months in the mission. I don´t really know him at all yet since transfers were about an hour ago, but he seems super awesome and ready to work. I know I´ll learn a ton from him this transfer, It´ll be awesome.

It was a great week like always! We have been working a ton lately with our investigatores Griselda and Juan Carlos Maldonado. They´re a married couple of about 60 years and are great! They are preparing for their baptisimal date for May 7th and I´m sure they´re gonna make it. They assist church every week on their own and do everything we ask them. Yesterday when we went by their house so that Elder Cortez could say goodbye Griselda almost cried because she said she was so grateful that Elder Cortez and I had introduced them to the church. They´re doing great, I´ll send a photo. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Photos from Buenos Aires

Email April 11, 2016

Email April 11, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Traveling missionaries

What an awesome week!! I think I start every email saying that but I guess thats just the mission for you. This last transfer President Thurgood starting a new asignment of traveling assistants. Basically it´s just a companionship that doesn´t have an area, they just travel every week to a different area to help other missionaries out. And this week we had the awesome oportunity to have them here in Alejandro Korn. And wow it was awesome, 2 extra missionaries just means double of everything. We had a ton of success and we learned a lot. I think the biggest thing I learned is the importance to really teach to help people. It´s super easy to kinda fall into the habit of just teaching the same thing to everyone and not apply what we teach especifically to the person. I hadn´t realized that I had kinda fallen into that habit until I saw how these other missionaries did it. Now I can see a huge diference in the way things are going. It was a great week.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Email April 4, 2016

Email April 4, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
General Conference

Another great week with tons of rain! We spent the last few days just wading through mud and water. Pretty fun actually, kina a little kids dream.

The general conference was amazing as always. I always love hearing and bening strengthened by the powerful words of the prophets and apostles of God. Five of our investigatores were also blessed to be able to hear their words. And they all loved it, no better way to help them prepare for baptism. Especialy with the talk that ELder Bednar gave about baptism and the importance for us to retain the remision of of sins. Couldnt have been a better talk for investigators.

A few of the talks that stuck out to me: