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Email June 5, 2017

Email June 5, 2017 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Don´t cry for me Argentina

Well...I guess this is pretty much it...seven days...seven more days to work my heart out in this beautiful country.

Honestly I'm kinda at a loss for words, I still can't believe that I've actually reached this point. It feels pretty unreal.

I´m going to miss this place. The amazingly blue skies, the loving people. I´m going to miss speaking spanish in the streets and chasing dogs in the alleys. Working in the rain and sweating in the sun. I'm even going to miss the sight and smell of burning trash in the gutter and drunk guys yelling at us from the sidewalk. Especially I will miss testifying of my savior Jesus Christ, being one of his official representatives. Having His name upon my chest.

What better way to get to know your maker than to spend time in and with his creations. In the the service of his sons and daughters.