Sunday, February 11, 2018

Photos from Sapporo

The Hakodate area (outlined in purple)

Sapporo Snow Festival

Email February 11, 2018

Email February 11, 2018 – Elder Jackson Kunzler Burton

Hey everyone!
     So guess what! I got transferred to Hakodate! There was an emergency transfer, I got a call on Friday from President McClure saying he needed me to transfer by the next day. So now I'm in Hakodate, and my new companion is Elder Jensen. He's from Pocatello, Idaho, and he's awesome! I was sad to leave Eniwa and Elder Fukuda, I loved that area, and even just a week with a Japanese companion helped my Japanese a ton, but I'm excited to be in Hakodate! It's the southernmost city in the mission, and it's a really big tourist location. It's right by the ocean which is cool, we're going fishing later for P-day. My first night here we went to see a fireworks show with an investigator which was way cool. The members here are great, they're really willing to help with missionary work which is so important.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Email February 4, 2018

Email February 4, 2018 – Elder Jackson Kunzler Burton

Hey everyone!
      We had transfers this week! I'm staying in Eniwa, but I have a new companion and he's Japanese! His name is Elder Fukuda. He's a really nice guy. I was super nervous to get a Japanese companion because my Japanese is still pretty bad, but it's been ok. I've surprisingly been able to mostly communicate what I want. He speaks a little English so that helps too. But it's been fun. It's definitely a lot different than working with an American companion, but I'll get used to it eventually.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Pictures from Eniwa

Mikoto Kun's baptism!

Email January 28, 2018

Email January 28, 2018 – Elder Jackson Kunzler Burton
Baptism! Hey Everyone!      This week has been amazing! The other elders in my district got a baptism! It was a 12 year old boy named Mikoto and he's the greatest. He's already read the entire Book of Mormon, and he has really strong faith. For a school project he's making a model Liahona! The only reason he wasn't baptized earlier is because his mom wouldn't let him but she finally allowed it and I'm so happy for him! We also had zone conference this week and it was so great! We really focused on increasing our faith in Christ as a mission and drawing down the power of God to help us because it's His work. So I've been really trying to increase my faith personally, one way I'm doing that is in my Book of Mormon reading I'm highlighting everything about Christ. I've also taken a challenge from President Nelson I heard about to go through every scripture in the Topical Guide about Jesus Christ. There's a ton, and I just started, but I've already felt a huge difference as I've started studying more in depth about Him. Christ is the center of everything, without Him, we would be nothing, but because of Him, we have the chance to receive eternal life. I'm so grateful for everything He's done for us, and my gratitude keeps increasing the more I learn of Him. I encourage everyone to try to learn more about Christ, as you do, you will feel His love more than you can ever have. I love you all, sorry I don't have much time we're about to have a meeting with Sister Oscarson and Sister Eubank and really excited. Have a great week! Love,
Elder Burton 

P.S.We just finished the conference with Sister Oscarson and Sister Eubank and it was great! We got to shake their hands afterward and it was the first time I've shaken the hand of any general authority, it was really cool. The baptism in Eniwa was so great, it was the other elders' but what matters is that a soul was brought to Christ! And he's such an amazing child of God, I'm sure he's going to go on to serve a mission and bless many more lives. Oh yeah I forgot to mention but transfer calls come tomorrow! I'm excited to see what's going to happen! I hope I stay in Eniwa but I'll be happy to go any where the Lord wants me with any companion He puts me with. I just hope I can fulfill whatever purpose He has planned for wherever I go.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Email January 21, 2018

Email January 21, 2018 – Elder Jackson Kunzler Burton

Hey Everyone!
     This has been a great week. We've done a lot of finding, and we've talked to a ton of people but we didn't have much success in finding new investigators. We're trying to improve our first contacts in order to get people to agree to meet with us again, but we still need to improve. We also weren't able to meet with any of our current investigators this week, everyone is busy because there are a lot of big tests for school going on right now. But we did have a lesson on Tuesday with a man named Kairi who the sisters found last week that went really well. The spirit was so strong and he definitely felt it. After the lesson though we found out that he actually lives in Sapporo, so we'll have to pass him to the missionaries up there eventually. The only problem with that is that he works in Eniwa on Sundays, and he has time to come to our ward before work, but he probably wouldn't have time to go to his home ward. So we'll have to figure that out, but the important thing is that he learns the gospel. He did come to our ward on Sunday and he really liked it. And between Tuesday and Sunday he read all the way to Jacob in the Book of Mormon! I was so impressed! And the topic for sacrament meeting was the Book of Mormon which was perfect! We'll hopefully be able to have another lesson on Wednesday. I have super high hopes for him.
     Right now we're on our way to Muroran for zone conference. I'm way excited! Zone conference always get me so motivated and excited to do missionary work and become better. And next week on Monday all the missionaries in and near Sapporo get to have a special meeting with Sister Oscarson and Sister Eubanks, it's gonna be so cool! Oh and I was able to watch the broadcast announcing President Nelson as the new president of the church! He's such a great man, I'm so excited to see what the future holds with him as the Prophet. I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all!


Elder Burton