Monday, November 27, 2017

Email November 27, 2017

Email November 27, 2017 – Elder Jackson Kenneth Burton

Hey Everyone!
      Things are going great here! It's definitely winter now. There's quite a bit of snow and ice on the roads and sidewalks now, and it's pretty cold. I'm staying warm enough though. This has been a pretty good week, although we have one investigator named Shouma-kun who told us he won't be able to meet until after Christmas because he's studying for a big test to get into high school and he's super stressed. He's a great kid and he could benefit from the gospel so much, so we're going to try and still pay him short visits once in a while.
      I did splits this week with another elder in my district, Elder Harvey. He's definitely got a different style than my trainer, so it was good to learn kind of a different approach. I'm slowly improving with the language, one thing I've noticed is that I can usually understand a decent amount of what other missionaries are saying, but when natives speak it's so much harder to understand! They'll say a simple sentence to me using all words that I know, and I don't recognize any of it. But I'm working on it, I've just got to get used to the way they speak. Earlier this week, a Japanese missionary in my district who's a black belt in karate did a class for some of the kids in the ward. It was way fun. Until then I thought I was fairly flexible, but now I know I'm not at all :) Those kids are like rubber!  

Monday, November 20, 2017

Missionary Thanksgiving Dinner

Email November 20, 2017

Email November 20, 2017 – Elder Jackson Kunzler Burton
Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Everyone!

This has been an awesome week! At district conference on Tuesday we made some awesome goals for the transfer, and it's really helped build my testimonly of the power of goals and faith. We have a goal to contact 1500 people as a district and pass out 500 Book of Mormons before the end of the transfer. After that, all of a sudden we've started being able to contact a lot more people and pass out a lot more Book of Mormons. One thing me and my companion are going to try and focus on more now is getting teaching appointments. We've been having trouble getting appointments because people are so busy, but we're going to try and focus on it more now. Missionaries are called to teach, so we want to do more of that. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Photos from Sapporo

My MTC companion and I right before we went to our areas

Me at chocolate world at the airport

A cool star wars plane I saw

Email November 13, 2017

Email November 13, 2017 – Elder Jackson Kunzler Burton
First week in Japan!

Hey everyone!
     I love Japan so much! When we got to the airport in Sapporo President McClure took us to get ramen, and it was delicious! Pretty much all the food I've had so far is delicious, although I haven't had sushi yet surprisingly. It's cold, but not too bad, it hasn't snowed yet. We got to go to the temple on our first day! It was so amazing! The Sapporo temple is the most beautiful temple I've ever seen. I've been assigned to the Eniwa area, it's a city just south of Sapporo. My trainer is an Elder from Meridian Idaho named Elder Hess. He's an amazing missionary. This is his last transfer, which is sad, but he's got a lot of experience and we work really well together. Working here has been so awesome, I get so excited every time we have any sort of success, like handing out a Book of Mormon. I just know that if they'll open up their hearts to the message it will bless their lives so much! I need tons of work in the language, I feel pretty incompetent most of the time, but I know through Christ I can do all things. Today we went to the airport for P-day, they have a lot of cool stuff there, including a chocolate museum which was pretty cool. I'll send some of the pictures from this week, some of them are on my camera though, and I can't get them off it yet. Until it snows I'm just using an old bike that's been left at the church for forever since it could start snowing at any time and once there's snow we won't be able to bike. I don't have much time left,  there's not nearly as much time to email as I had at the MTC. Something we learned during training from President McClure is that faith is a principle of action and power. If you truly have faith, it will lead you to some sort of action, and then you will have power. Remember that through faith anything is possible. God will support you through all trials. But it takes action on our part.  I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Burton

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Arriving in Japan

View of Sapporo from the Airplane

1st Photo in Japan

Email November 7, 2017

Email November 7, 2017 – Elder Jackson Kunzler Burton
I made it!

Hey Mom and Dad!
     I made it safely to Sapporo! I'm so excited to be here! President McClure gave us permission to send an email letting you know we're here safe and sound. The temple is so beautiful! We get to do a session tomorrow! I'm so excited! Anyway, everything went well, everyone made it safely, and we ate delicious ramen tonight. I can already tell I'm going to love Japan! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission here. I love you!


Elder Burton