Monday, February 27, 2017

Photos from Banfield 2

Elder Burton enjoying the rain in Banfield 2

Email February 27, 2017

Email February 27, 2017 - Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
"The Blood of Christ has Power"

This week has been awesome! We traveled around the missiona bit with president to do interviews wich was fun. We will keep going with that for the next two weeks. My comp and I have been doing some follow up with all the missionaries of what they are putting into practice after the zone conferences. It´s gone well, everyone is starting to understand better our focus on teaching repentance and baptizing converts which is good. It really is so important.

We had a few days to work in the area this week too wich was awesome!! We are being very blessed. On Thursday we had one of the biggest rainstorms that I´ve seen here in Argentina. It flooded all the streets almost to our knees, it was pretty cool. We kept contacting people in spite of the rain, trying to help people move things inside and stuff like that, everyone just looked at us like we were a couple of crazies jaja. But it was fun, I love rainstorms like that. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Email February 20, 2017

Email February 20, 2017 – E;der Isaac Kenneth Burton
Zone Conferences

Hello everyone!

This week was the week of zone conferences! We did them a little different this time, normally we do one conference with each zone individualmente, but this time President wanted to try to do three big conferences of 4 zones each. So that´s what we did and it was great! I love being with big groups of missionaries and it´s even better being able to teach them. We focused the conferences on three things: The Book of Mormon, extending commitments, and our dignity as missionaries. The focus of the three being to better teach repentance and baptize converts. President asked me to teach about the Book of Mormon which was a great privledge. I fell like it went really well, I love teaching :) I extended a challenge to the whole mission to read the book of mormon in three months, focusing on repentance, baaptism, and strengthening our own testimonies of the book.

With such a big focus on teaching repentance in the mission I have learned a few things. Our purpose as missionaries is invitar all to come unto Christ. I love what it says in 3 Nefi 27:20 " Now this is the commandment: Repent, all ye ends of the earth, and come unto me and be baptized in my name..." As it says, the way that christ invites people to come closer to him is by repenting and then being baptised. The way that all people, us included, come unto Christ is by repenting daily of the things that impede us of being like him. Joseph Smith said that a man would get nearer to God by abiding by the book of mormons precepts, than by any other book. I think that is true because the precepts that the Book of Mormon teaches are all focused on Jesus Christ and repentance through him. So as we read the Book of Mormon and and follow it´s council to repent, we come closer to christ. It´s something that I´m tring to aplicar more in my life so that I can come unto Him more and Help others do it also. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Photos from Buenos Aires

The baptism of Bernardo Lope 

Email February 13, 2017

Email February 13, 2017 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton

This week was awesome, super busy, but awesome and I was able to learn a lot. On tuesday we the new missionaries arrived which was fun. Six missionaries with tons of enthusiasm that are excited to work. It's so fun being with them on their first day in the field. It always gives me so much energy.

On Wednesday and Friday we had meetings with the leaders of the mission, they went well. I was able to teach both days about the Book of Mormon and how we can use it better in the mission. It is promised to be the most powerful tool that we have for conversion, so we are really trying to use it more effectively.

On Thursday a family that lives in a city called General Belgrano contacted us. General Belgrano is one of the farthest cities in the mission, it´s super small and kind of just in the middle of nowhere. There used to be a branch there, but eight years ago it was closed and since then this family has just been living the gospel on it´s own practically. They have a son who is almost ten and hasn't ever had the chance to be baptized. So on Thursday they contacting us wondering how they could get their son baptized. We talked to president and he decided that we should just baptize the kid as soon as posible. So on Saturday we did it. We drove three hours to General Belgrano and met the LopĂ© Family. They are so awesome. A great example of perseverance and living the gospel under difficult circumstances. We were able to baptize and confirm the son, Bernardo. They were so happy to finally be united as a family in the gospel. Very cool experience, Gods hand is in the life of every person and he really does answer prayers. I´m so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be an instrument in his hands to bring blessings to his children. I love this work.

I hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for everything! Happy valentines day!!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

Monday, February 6, 2017

Email February 6, 2017

Email February 6, 2017 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton

Hey Mom! Sorry I´m writing so late, it´s been a crazy day, we´ve literally had no time.
That´s so cool that Jack made it to state!!! Tell him congrats for me and good luck! I´m sure he´ll do awesome!
Thanks for the email, sorry I don´t have time to write more. 
I love you, have a great week!! :)

Love, Elder Burton