Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Photos from Eniwa

Me(right), Elder Streuber(middle), and Elder Moulton (left)  

The elders in my district right before Elder Hess went home. Me, Elder Harvey, Elder Hess, and Elder Kikuchi    

Email December 26, 2017

Email December 26, 2017 – Elder Jackson Kunzler Burton
Transfers and Christmas!

Merry Christmas  Everyone!

      This was an awesome week! We had transfers on Thursday! I'm staying in the same area and my new companion is Elder Harvey! He was already in the same apartment as me and we went on splits a few times last transfer so I already know him pretty well. He's an awesome missionary, it's gonna be a great transfer! On Thursday we also had a mission-wide Christmas conference! It was so much fun! I got to see Elder Streuber who was my companion in the MTC and Elder Moulton who was also in my district at the MTC. It was awesome talking to them and seeing how they're doing. Christmas was great! I Skyped my family which was awesome, then we went caroling at an old folks home and we had an FHE at the mission home with an investigator. We sang a ton of Christmas songs mad I really felt the Christmas spirit. We also this week were able to find a lot of people interested in the gospel! There was this one guy we met on the train on our way to dinner, and he took us out to eat right then and there! It was a huge miracle. We had a great gospel discussion and he wants to meet again but is going to be out of town until after new years. We've also found a lot of people this week using Christmas contacting, we just as them if they like Christmas, and then ask them if they know what it's about and then we teach them about Christ! It works really well! It's so important to keep Christ as the center of everything we do, especially in sharing the gospel. He is the head of this church and the center of everything we teach. If we keep Christ as the center of our lives and rely on him through our challenges and trials, we will have the strength to overcome any obstacle or challenge. Christmas is about the matchless gift God gave the world, Jesus Christ, our Savior. Even though Christmas is over, I challenge everyone to try and keep Him in your lives every day. He loves you infinitely and will help you if you turn to Him. Merry Christmas everyone! I love you!


Elder Burton