Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

Alex saying goodbye to her Cousin Sister McKenzie Meyer (Germany, Berlin Misssion) at the Provo MTC. 
Talking to the family on Mother's Day-Monday May 13, 2103 12 noon

Setting up sleeping mats for bedtime
Yos-Sleeping mats

Alex's Kitchen in Gupo

Kitchen & washing machine
Bathroom shoes

Bathroom sink/shower
The whole bathroom is made to get wet and be the shower

Sitting on the floor at her table in her Apartment in Gupo eating Korean takeout

Fried shrimp, sweet potatos, seaweed, and cheesesticks

sister 이수빈 (eesuebean)

sliced, dried, marinated fish

stuffed pig intestines

View from apartment in Gupo
Toilet at Tokyo, Japan airport

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