Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 12, 2013

B. O. B.
I cant believe its only been a week here in the MTC! Even after the first day it had felt like we had already been here for weeks. In the last week we have learned so much and progressed so far. I can already say a full prayer in Danish! And we have given three lessons to our progressing investigator, all in Danish. 

When I was dropped off I ran right into AEldste Brindley from when I flew down to California. He was the one we saw at the temple before I was dropped off. It was nice already knowing someone within the first 30 seconds of getting here. We where guided around, got our badges and all our supplies, dropped our bags off at our rooms, then we headed straight for class. 
And no, there wasn't any lunch. 

Anyway, when we sat down in class the teacher, BrOder Williamson, started right off speaking Danish. Danish is weird, nothing sounds the way its spelled, for example a "d" will make the "L" sound, but only most of the time, and there's no real pattern to when it sounds like what. The "g" is silent MOST of the time too. It gets pretty confusing.

My kamarater (companions) are awesome. We get along so well! There's AEldste Howland and AEldste Christensen. AEldste Howland is from Tooela Utah, was a wrestler for one yr in highschool, I had thought he had looked familiar and that's probably why, I'm sure I've seen him at wrestling matches. He is already way ahead of everyone with Danish because his mom was born in Denmark and she has been helping him learn the language for a while. He spent a full week in Denmark once too when he was visiting family up there, so he has been able to help tell us what the country is like and help us pronounce words. AEldste Christensen is from Orem Utah. He's really faedt  (cool), he's seems to be really close to Christ. I don't even know how many times I've looked over during personal study or really almost any activity and seen him saying a silent prayer. Its been a great example to me, reminding me to do the same. Both my kamarater are 18 which is pretty fun. 

Hey so fun fact, in Danish the word faedt (fe-llt) is the same word for both fat, and cool. So in Denmark their like " that's fat", I guess they say "that's chewy" too, kind of weird. 

I always expected I would enjoy the MTC, but I never expected how much I would love it here. When you look at the first few days its like " Wow, that's a lot of time to study", but it seems to always be just a little to short. Once you start really getting into a study session you forget about what time it is or how tired or hungry you are and you just get absorbed in the scriptures. Sometimes during additional study hvor (our) district ends up talking and laughing for a while, there are 9 in our district, all of us going to Denmark, and we have all become really close friends in the last week. 

Soo apparently I talk in my sleep almost every night. A few times I've yelled a few things too. Everyone in my room think its really funny, luckily I don't yell anything too weird.

I'll have to send photos next time, I cant put my sim card into the computer, but I heard they have an adapter in the bookstore that will hopefully work, so you'll just have to wait to get those next week.

How's everything at home? Who's messing up my room? It better still be clean. 

When you get the time look up "the character of Christ" by Bednar. we watched it Sunday night and its probably the best talk I've ever watched. L. Tom Perry is coming tonight! That will be really cool to listen too, I got my companions to go to choir practice with me on Sunday and it turns out we'll be able to sing at the devotional tonight, live to all the MTC's in the world it's going to be awesome. 

Well unfortunately I'm out of time, I'll probably write a letter next week, we'll see though, it kind of depends.

I love all you guys! Wright plenty of letters, and put family and personal scripture study as a high priority each day, and I promise the spirit will fill the house!
- Elder Ken Burton

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