Monday, June 9, 2014

Email June 9, 2014

Email June 9, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

Elder Hawkes is an awesome companion. We get along really well and then teach together even better. I cant remember what I said about him last time. He's from South Dakota, ran X-country and did power lifting in Highschool. We've ran almost everyday this last week and its been terrible but amazing at the same time. Its the most I've run in the last 6 months easy. It has taken me a few days to stop being so sore. 

 Lets see what happened this week. We received a referral from the sister missionaries in Aalborg and it turned out to be a fake address. Kind of disappointing. On Wednesday we walked down the walking street and found this huge festival going on. It was this big international celebration thing and there were tables and stands out for a ton of different European countries. We got a bunch of samples and then found a stand from Holland and they were selling Strobe Waffles. I walked up and asked for one and the guy did a double take and asked if I was from Holland because apparently they are only called Strobe Waffles in Holland. I then I got to explain to him the movie The Best Two Years and how I was a missionary from my church. He wasn't interested but it was fun. Then I saw this stand for Finland and immediately fell in love with a hand made knife they had on display, made out of Reindeer bone. I hope I don't have any trouble getting it home in a year and a half. 

We had a long conversation this week on why we are here. Before this life we lived in Gods presence as spirits with incredible testimonies and strong faith, we had a strong desire to go to earth and become more. We wanted to become like God. He has a perfect physical body and in order to become like him we needed to receive bodies for ourselves as well. We came into this world and we have found how difficult it is to control the bodies we have received. The flesh is powerful. But that'ts why we were given it, so that we could learn to control it. When we are born we have absolutely no control we cry, we sleep, we cant move unless our parents pick us up. But we learn, we are strengthened and we begin to learn what control is. God new that we would make mistakes. So he provided for us first the Atonement, so that we could fix our mistakes and change, become more. And he has given to us Laws that if followed will give us more control over ourselves. For example the Word of Wisdom provides us protection form addictive substances, that if we are tied to take away our control. Everything is designed so that we can one day return to live with God and become more than we were, to become like God. Once we are able to master the body we are given we will be more powerful than we were before this life. It can only be done though through living the Laws God has given us. And because of the Atonement we can continually progress and live those Laws. 

We stopped by a past investigator on Sunday and asked if we could set up an appointment with her and she said she would come to church next Sunday and we could set one up with her then! That would be amazing if she did. We need to try and stay in contact with her a little the next week so she doesn't forget. 

Thanks for all the photos this week! 

Meget Kærlighed!
-Elder Burton

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