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Email January 12, 2015

Email January 12, 2015 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

We were able to get back into contact with Peter Rasmussen, we're going to be having a family home evening with them and Familien Nielsen next Sunday. The last few weeks Peters parents have been staying with his family, and its been the first time in years that he has had his parents together under one roof. They are not fond of the church so we haven't been by to visit Peter and his family for a few weeks. He's been wanting to learn a lot about our family values in the church and we figured whats a better way to teach some of those values than through a family home evening!

We met with our friend Gert a few times this week and he's been reading from the Book of Mormon. He wants to give up drinking and has been taking a few alcohol recovery classes in which a lot of people mention God helping with their problem. He wants to find out if its true, he's currently Buddhist. We had found his name on an old record and decided to stop by, on the way we were talking to some people along the street and the second person we run into was Gert. It was a blessing that we decided to walk rather than bike.
We've had a lot of success this last week in finding new potential investigators. We've been focusing on teaching as we find and it definitely makes a difference. Its very easy to get into a rut when out finding, where you basically say the same thing every time. To counter this during companionship study we have written gospel principles on pieces of paper and put them into a hat. We draw one out and start teaching the principle to each other in under a minute. Not to help us teach faster but simpler and on the spot. It allows the spirit to come as we testify of gospel truths. Elder Amos is very good at practicing this principle.

Some goals I've made for the next year: Daily study from the Book of Mormon in Danish. Bare my testimony daily. Partake of the sacrament weekly. Write something I have learned each day in my journal. My goal is to use this next year to build upon the foundation of Christ in a way that will provide me a sure foundation for the day I return home at the end of this year. I want my mission to be a catapult that launches me further and higher throughout the rest of my life. I don't want to look back at my mission and think wow I was amazing back then, because that means I wouldn't have continued progressing. But at the same time I do not want to regret any moment because I did not give it my all.

I have recently been able to touch my toes, for I think the first time in my life or at least sense I was little. This is because of dedicated stretching over the last few months, pushing myself. And as a result my capacity has grown, my ability to stretch further has increased. Now I am able to touch flat handed to the floor. And it has just about healed a past injury from wrestling.

My goal is to stretch and push myself the next year to increase my capacity that I might be able to continue growing even after released from this incredible calling. 

I know that as we stretch towards Christ, past the point of pain, we never grow when comfortable, it increases our capacity to grow and we come nearer unto Him. And we become healed. To the point where past injuries cause no further problem or hindering to our growth.

I hope everyone has goals for coming closer unto Christ this next year. Lawrence E. Corbridge once asked "When all is removed and there you stand alone, who will you be?" Who do you want to be by the end of this next year? Take time to ponder it over. Goals are more important than we sometimes give them credit for. That's one reason why Gods son lived a perfect life, that we might have a goal to shoot for and an example to show that it is possible.

Oh, and remember "A goal not written is only a wish" -Vince Lombardi.

Have a great week!
Meget Kærlighed!

-Elder Ken Burton

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