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Email July 7, 2014

Email July 7, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton
Transfer calls!

Bunch of Burtons

We just got transfer calls, Ill be transferring next Monday to Holbæk! A car area! And the biggest ward in Denmark! I'm so excited! More than I thought I would be, I have to leave Frederikshavn and the people who are here, but I have the opportunity to serve somewhere new. New people to serve and come to love. I know it's where I need to be otherwise I wouldn't have been called. Elder Hawkes's call is exciting as well, he's going to be training a new elder! He really will do such a great job, he's basically been adding to my own training the whole time I've been with him. He'll defiantly be missed.

The other day Elder Hawkes and I were biking to an appointment an out of no where comes a Dodge Truck pulling a trailer. Simultaneously we both said "'merica!" Its very rare to see a truck in Denmark let alone an American Dodge. The only sad part was that it was a Danish trailer, which is typically pretty small. 

Good news! I received some paperwork in the mail for getting my bio-metrics done to extend my visa, that means I passed the Danish test! We have to get down to Aalborg early tomorrow to do my bio-metrics though, finger prints and stuff. There is a ten day deadline from the day they send it to you and it was first sent to the mission office and then to me so we're kind of needing to get down to Aalborg as soon as possible otherwise we would wait until Thursday before or after district meeting. We will have to wake up a little early tomorrow to make a train that will get us to Aalborg before the place opens so it looks like we're not working out in the morning.

I recommend for everyone to go listen to or read the talk called "Profile of a Prophet" by Hugh B. Brown. Dad, you'll like it a lot, he was an attorney and great speaker who gave a brief on the restoration of the gospel to a Judge. I'll include the talk.

Ahh, I still cant believe the guys are at camp! The Teton Trek will be so much fun! Take as many photos as you can! Elder Hawkes commented the other day on how much I mention or tell stories from camp. But I have spent almost a whole year combined at camp.

When we plan to work in an area where a member lives we call ahead of time and ask if they have 20 minutes for us to come and share a message with them. We went over to the Reily families home with an appointment set up, but the wife had forgotten to tell her husband and then she had forgotten we were coming so she was in the middle of giving her baby a bath. They still wanted a message though, so we talked with the husband Shaun for ten minutes until the bath was done and we were able share a great message with the family on the Savior and his Atonement. We took what we learned in Zone training and invited them to consider if Christ was in the room with us what he would say to each of them. It went very well, the spirit was strong and everyone was able to feel Christs love. We've used the same lesson multiple times this week and I noticed each time we ask people "What would Christ say to you if He were here right now?" they always answer something about how he would encourage them to keep trying, to keep going. We are then able to share that if Christ were standing in the room right then he would take them in his arms and tell them how much he loved them. He wouldn't mention our mistakes or our weaknesses, he wouldn't ask us to do better. He would express his love for us and tell us how proud he is of all we have done, of all the things we've done right. I know Christ loves each of his children no matter what circumstances they are in, because I have been able to feel that love for these people. Christ loved each of us so much that he gave his life, but more than that he took our pains, our sins, and our sorrows upon himself that we can be lifted up from under our burdens. That we can return to him. We have made mistakes, I have made more than I can count, but because of Christ we can become perfected first spiritually and then physically, following the pattern of the Atonement. Christ first overcame the spiritual death before he was resurrected to overcome the physical death.

I'm sorry if this was a little shorter this week, I keep drawing blanks. Everything's going well up here. Its been raining off and on all morning, but has been extremely warm because of the humidity.

A Christmas song just came on! Memories! We're in the church emailing today so I was able to plug my ipod into one of the computer speakers. My ipod is more full of missionary approved music now than it was with normal music before my mission. I literally only have enough room on it for maybe two or three more songs.

Well times flying by. Have a great week everyone! Thanks for all the letters and emails!

Meget Kærlighed!
Elder Ken Burton

P.S I just saw a article on the LDS News room about how western Europe missions will begin to receive Ipad minis to use in the work this fall to the beginning of the next year! That will be so helpful in the work!

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