Monday, July 14, 2014

Email July 14, 2014

Email 7-14 -14  Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons
     Crazy transfer day! We took a train three hours last night to Aarhus and dragged our luggage to the Elders apartment there to spend the night and then this morning barely missed our first train and then took another three hour train ride to Høl Taastrup were I met my new companion Elder Durrant and we drove over to the library with a few other Elders to email. Transfers wouldnt have been too bad except that sometime last night I got a bad case of pink eye, or something similar, and my eyes have been freaking out ever sence. At some points I litterally can not pull my eyes open because of a mix of bad sleep and soreness. Its getting a little better though because Im able to sit and type and still see the screen and all the great pictures everyone sent. And thanks for that!
      Ah! I just realized Im logged in as a guest so I dont have much more time and it wont let me add time! If I cant log back on then Ill just email more next week sorry!
 Meget Kærlighed!
Elder Burton

Bunch of Burtons
     Well here's the second try, we're in Holbæk now and found some time to finish our emailing. There are lots of photos this week so I hope they all get uploaded before we are done, we have an eating appointment tonight that is a half hour drive so we don't have tones of time.
     Elder Durrant, he has two little brothers, ran a little cross country and played basket ball in high school, comes from Mapleton Utah but went to Provo High. He was pretty sick not to long ago so I guess he has lost a tone of weight. We're already getting along great, so thats good although I didnt expect anything different.

     Lets see... last week. My last week in Frederikshavn. We spent a few hours on Monday at the church trimming the bushes and the lawn as a service for our branch president who was out of town. No one was suppose to know it was us, but then half way through Kurt, a member, pulled up and talked to ups for a while. He pointed out some berries that were growing next to the building, red current berries! They tasted amazing!
     A lot of the week, and the lessons we had, we used the excuse of me leaving to be able to meet with people. Most of the people I wanted to see before I left were out of town though. We were able to meet with Jan again. When asked about the Book of Mormon he said that he couldn't deny that it was true, which means he knows its true, but he is not wanting to try and come back to church. We're thinking he's just wanting the easy way out.
     Sorry I would probably have more to write, I'm having a really hard time focusing right now though because of my eyes. Quite a bit of this is actually being typed with my eyes closed. If I forgot anything important Ill see if I remember to write it next week. The eating appointment tonight is going to be interesting if I cant keep m eyes open...
     Thanks for all the great emails and photos! Its great to see how everything doing back home!
Meget Kærlighed!

Elder Ken Burton

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