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Email October 27, 2014

Email October 27, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

My trainer Benny Hinrichs has published his first novel and has already sold 10 copies. If anyone is interested in a good read here's the link that he sent me....

Great day yesterday. It began with a little disappointment because Familien Pelargu wasn't going to be able to make it to church because they had some family visiting from Albania. About ten minutes though before church began we got a text from our friend Andrei from Romania saying he was on his way and would be to church a little late! We hadn't been able to meet with Andrei in about a week and a half because of his rugby practices and games, he had a big game in Odense on Saturday and didn't think he would be back in time to make it to church Sunday morning. When he got home though he told us about how he stood next to his bed thinking about how comfortable his pillow looked, He had just spent a long trip back from his game the day before and I'm sure he was exhausted, but he decided to come anyway. And he seemed to enjoy it. He was basically a member himself with how much he was involved and commented during class. The ward was great too, he was well welcomed with open arms. I was with him in the hallway at one point talking to a member when the members daughter walked passed and she leaned clear over grabbing her daughters arm and dragged her over to introduce her to Andrei, his face went bright red, not what you would expect from a huge rugby player.
Thanks Mom for that muffin recipe a little while ago. We were finally able to get around to making them this week and they tasted great! We also gave some to our friend Ditte, she calls herself our Mom in the mission, and she loved them. Her mom is about 80 and has been having a lot of health problems lately, she seemed to really appreciate the gesture. We found out she is friends with one of our other investigators Else, and they had been talking about us. We've been noticing quite a few investigators know each other. Almost like we're mining a vain of gold, rather than picking up a few stones.

Its very interesting teaching Aot. He has absolutely no past knowledge of Christ or God so we are having to teach in completely new ways to help him understand and build that faith in Christ. He said his first prayer, and seems like he really wants to learn. His girlfriend/wife is Danish and doesn't believe in God at all and never stays in the room for our conversations although she is very nice. It would help Aot a lot if she was also involved with the teaching so we're trying to think of ways to spark an interest for her. We hope her heart will be softened as we continue to help Aot and come to know them better.

I heard an interesting question a little while ago. "If you were taken to court with the accusation of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints would they have enough evidence to convict you?" .... Are the standards of the church the basis by which we live? Do we stand fourth proudly showing by our actions that we follow Christ?

I don't have a lot of time today because we're going to a viking museum as a district. Good Job Ike in your bike race! Have a great week!

Meget Kærlighed!

Elder Ken Burton

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