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Email November 3, 2014

Email November 3, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton
Happy Halloween!

Bunch of Burtons

Happy Halloween! Thanks for all the photos! I love all the costumes! I loved the superman outfit Jack, (take a look at sent photos). We had an eating appointment at a members house on Halloween with all the missionaries in the ward, and she asked us to "dress up" as much as we could while still looking like missionaries. One of the sisters wore a blue dress and was a smerf her companion wore darker cloths and smudged something on her face to look like a chimneysweeper. The Taastrup Elders both wore world war 2 helmets they got from an investigator. My companion carried a roller thing and said he was a massage person, and I wore a superman outfit under my suit. For dinner we had fingers and blood sausage, which tasted a lot like a spice cake, and liver. Elder Eisert and I were both feeling a little weird in the stomach after.

Last Monday we visited a viking museum as a district and then as we were leaving we noticed these interesting cars parked off to the side. The first was a black Bentley with a black Land Rover right behind it. In the drivers seat of both were very official men in uniform. That's when we noticed the red crown on the bumper of the Bentley. We started getting excited, wondering if one of the royals was around, and we walked past this restaurant that was completely empty except for a rich looking group in the back corner. The most recognizable was the Queen! Not someone you expect to see everyday that's for sure. The viking museum was great as well.

Tuesday we spent the morning with our investigator Donna and her "husband" Per, doing some work around their dairy farm. Mostly cleaning, we cleaned our their garage and moved a lot of the stuff either to one of the barns or to the trash facility. Donna is wanting to be baptized but she needs to be married to her"husband" first, which he doesn't want, so its making it kind of hard. I feel like the way we'll spark her "husbands" interest is continuing to do service, he opened up a little last week with his beliefs, its just going to be a little slow. "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

We were able to get back in touch with Else, turns out she's been in England for a few weeks. She's been talking to her friend Ditte who is also investigating and wants to get Ditte to go to church with her! We seem to have quite a few investigators right now who start out telling us that they will never be converted, and yet they keep asking questions and showing desire to learn more, and then they even start holding commitments. We've had a few times now when they sneak in questions like "If one was to join your church... what would...?" Or "I can't be baptized because of that". We are learning what their actual concerns are and learning that they are building faith in Christ.  

As a district we had 10 investigators in church on Sunday! The guest class was packed! We're making plans to have two guest classes now. It was great to have Familien Pelargu in church again as well, they enjoyed it and learned a lot. 

There was another experience this week were we told ourselves we wouldn't come in to eat until we had taught two lessons, and the first two people we stopped by let us in and we were able to teach. That was on fast Sunday. The Lord helps us to obtain our goals as we sacrifice and put forth the effort. You never will stumble across a blessing. "Sacrifice brings fourth the blessings of heaven". "He that will have a cake out of the wheat must tarry the grinding." -Troilus.

Have a great week!

Meget Kærlighed!

-Elder Ken Burton

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