Monday, March 7, 2016

Email March 7, 2016

Email March 7, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
New Transfer

As we thought, me and Elder Cortez will be staying here in Alejandro Korn for another transfer! Which is great, there are still a ton of things that I need to learn from my comp and we work great together so I´m glad we´re both staying.

I love new transfers, just kind of a fresh start. A time refocus a little and set new goals to improve.

It was another great week as always! We found this new family that are awesome. Ruben, Alicia and one child that is less than a year old. They are catholic but haven´t been active for a long time because they don´t beleive en saints. But they have a very strong belief in God and Christ. Ruben is a super deep thinker which is fun. He´s very smart and understands what we teach really well. About a year and a half ago their they set a goal to read 2 pages in the bible every day. And they did it, they just finished recently. They just kept going off in the lesson with tons of stories of miracles in their lives and ways that God has blessed them. We envited them to be baptized in the first lesson and they accepted! Unfortunately they aren´t married so we weren´t able to set a date. But they´re a great family, I´m excited to keep teaching them and help come to Christ. 

On Wednesday we had a mission leadership meeting that was awesome. One of the assistantes to the president who goes home today taught a lesson about passion and consegration.And wow, it was awesome. One of those lessons where you don´t remember the specifics but you leave with a huge to desire to change and be better. To just give your all to every part of the mission and not waste a second of the precious time we have. So thats one of my focuses for this new transfer. To consegate myself even more to the mission and this work. Sometimes you reach a point in life or in the mission where you feel like you´re doing good and working hard and you kind of platue a little. But we can always improve and do a little more. We can always work a little harder. The important part is to always have a vision of the future and always work toward it. Good is the enemy of best. If we stop improving when we are doing good we will never become the best and reach the potential that God knows we have.

I hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for everything.

Les quiero mucho, Elder Burton

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