Monday, March 21, 2016

Email March 21, 2016

Email March 21, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Toothless again :)

Tuesday night I woke up in the middle of the night and something just felt weird. Then I reallized that my fake tooth was loose. It stayed in for a few days until Saturday when I was contacting a lady in the train. I just hope that my tooth randomly falling out during our conversation didn´t give her a bad first impresion of the church. She did have a kind of scared look on her face when it happened though...thats life I guess :)

So sad news. Remember the miracle investigatoresd, Eva and Carlos, that we found last week? The ones that literally told us they´d been praying and witing for us and wanted to get sealed in the church? Yeah, well this week they called us and told us that they were done and didn´t want us to come back to keep teaching them. They had told there daughter who is a pastor of another church that they were going to get married in our church and their daughter got really mad. She said that they had to get married in her church for a buch of reasons. I guess there was a pretty big argument and in the end they just decided that they wouldn´t get married in any church. Pretty sad, Satan has a way to get into the hearts of people. He always has a way, even when we´re prepared and think we´re strong. It´s important that we never let him have the slightest hold or advantage of us, cause once he gets a little he´ll just keep taking more. But I have faith that one day Eva and Carlos will acept the gospel. Even if it´s in the other life. I know they need it. 

On saturday we did a zone activity whered the whole zone, 26 missionaries, boarded the train ddto sing easter hymns to the people in the train. And it was super fun. First I would yell to the whole train who we were and what we were doing. Then we´d sing a song, and as soon as we finished we just began to contact evearyone we could. It was great, we got a ton of names to visit and it was a great way to practice contacting and increase our courage to talk to people.

I think thats all the big stuff from the week, it was a great week. Oh, my comp lost his voice this week so that was kinda fun. But he´s all good now. I hope everyone has a great week, thanks for all your support!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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