Monday, October 24, 2016

Email October 24, 2016

Email October 24, 2016 – Isaac Kenneth Burton
Interviews with President

Well, it´s been another great week! Super super busy! This week we President interviewed two zones, and while he interviewed, my comp and taught a class for those who were waiting for their interviews. And it was awesome! What we did for the class is we did a full practice of a real lesson. My companion was the investigator, a man named Ricardo, and I was the senior comp. The other missionaries (usually 4) were my companions and we had to teach Ricardo focused on his needs. So the Point was to find what Ricardo needed and help him with that need. As we taught I would randomly pause the lesson in order to teach or call attention to certain aspects of the lesson. It was super cool, I think everyone left having learned something to put in practice in their areas. And I learned a ton about different ways to help a person with the same need and the importance of teaching with the spirit. 

Also this week we had an awesome lesson with our investigator Pablo! We were teaching him about life after this life and he asked us one of the best questions that I´ve been asked in my whole mission. He asked us if the people in the lower kingdoms of glory could somehow reach the celestial kingdom. We were then able to explain to him about temple work and the work for the dead. As we explained it to him, Pablo began to cry. He then explained to us that his older brother died some 20 years ago and he had always been worried that his brother was lost. We explained to him that he could be baptized for his brother so that they could be together again one day. In response Pablo raised his hands to the heavens with tears streaming down his face saying: "Gracias Dios!! Gracias!" It was a very powerful moment, one that I´ll never forget. Pablo still doesn´t have a baptismal date because he´s not married yet, but we´re working with him. I´m grateful for experiences like that that God gives.

Well thanks for everything, I hope you all have a great week!

Les quiero, Elder Burton!

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