Monday, November 28, 2016

Email November 28, 2016 - Happy 20th Birthday Elder Burton!!!

Email November 28, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Pablos Baptism!!

Life is so good, this week was amazing. On Saturday Pablo Garces entered the waters of baptism and began his journey. What an amazing man he is, it has been incredible to see his change. When we first met him he was a man addicted to drugs, and cigarettes, barely hanging on to his life. he first time we saw him, he shed tears of sadness and despair, not knowing how to face the trails that were in front of him. This week, we shared tears of happiness as he made the best decision up till now in his life to be baptized. He really is a new man, and he is just starting on the path. He asked me to baptize him and I was honored to do so. 

Preparing for the baptism was crazy. It was going all well until suddenly a member entered the church and mentioned that the water had been cut off in his home. Elder Tenhoeve and I both looked at each other with the same look in our eyes. We ran to the pila bautismal that we had began to fill with water about a half our earlier to find the water shut off. We quickly ran around the chapel looking for a sign of running water only to find that we had now water in the block. My companion had the great idea to kneel down and say a prayer. Once said we called the bishop who said he was on his way. Once he arrived he started looinking around to see if he could get the reserve water tanks working. It was looking hopeless and we were running out of time so my comp and I called President and asked permisión to do the baptisim in the swimming pool behind his house. He gave us permision just as we heard the bishop shout that he got the reserve water working. It ended up coming out green because it hadn´t been used for so long, but water is water :) Pablo was able to be baptized without much delay :) Pretty fun experience, God answers prayers, I am so grateful for that.

Thanksgiving was fun too! Elder Tenhoeve and I bought sushi and empanadas to celebrate :) Doesn´t get much better than that :)

Thanks for everything, I hope you all have a great week!! I love you all!!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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