Monday, January 16, 2017

Email January 16, 2017

Email January 16, 2017 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton

This week was great! It was the first week of interviews with the new 12 zone system, this week we interviewed 4 of them and they all went great! The nice thing about smaller zones is that we finish a lot ealier in the day so we actually have time to work a little at night :) This round of interviews was focused on the importance of companionships. While President intervied individual missionaries, Elder Tenhoeve and I interviewed the companionships to help them solve problems and be able to work better. It went well, it was cool to do something a little different and I think we were able to help a lot of companionships.

On Thursday during the interviews President suddenly stopped the rotation and called Elder Tenhoeve and I into his office. We had no idea why. He explained to us that he had just gotten off the phone with the second councelor of the area presidencia. He told president that this next Monday, the 23rd of January, Elder Stevenson of the twelve will be in Buenos Aires and wants to do a special lidership council with all the liders of the Buenos Aires missions! So next monday that´s where we´ll be!! We´re going to Capital to be trained by Elder Stevenson, I couldn´t be more excited :) I´ll let you all know about it next week.

Well I hope that everyone has a great week! Life is great down here in Buenos Aires, I love this work and I love the Lord. Thanks for everything :)

Les queiro, Elder Burton

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