Friday, December 13, 2013

December 10, 2013


Flight plans came this week! 

British Airways-

December 16th-Salt Lake City to Texas to England and then to .............. Denmark!!

Im so excited! I cant believe its already been almost six weeks and that a week from now I'll be in Denmark probably in the middle of a lesson or standing on the street in the snow wondering what everyone is saying.  We are reporting to leave the MTC at 4:30 AM. As far as we know right now this is the flight plan, we should find out though maybe tonight or tomorrow if our visas have made it through. If not we might end up flying to Colorado or something to wait for another month. 

Everything seems to be slowly coming together. This last week I've actually started to remember most of the Danish words! Especially "with" (med) for some reason no matter how many times I would say it I wouldn't be able to remember how to say it. Oh well I got that one down finally.... I've been trying to get down giving my testimony på Dansk. I figured if there is anything I need to be able to say well it would be my testimony. So I have been working on that a lot, and its coming along really well.  The hardest part is going to be trying to have normal conversations with people. The fact that most of the words I know in Danish are gospel related doesn't help, but its in the lessons that the spirit is strong enough to help out. Its amazing how many times I've tried to get a point across to an investigator, not knowing how to say what I wan't to say, and through the spirit the words seem to just come from know where. It's when you open your mouth and try for yourself that it happens. Its the same thing with anything else in life. God's only going to give us help if we first put in the effort and try for ourselves, and only then will he help us with what we cant do on our own. 

Guess who I ran into at choir practice?! Elder N.... I can't remember right now, it'll come to me latter. Anyway, He's the elder going to South Korea who went through the Brigham City Temple with me when I went to take out my endowments. He just got here this last Wednesday. He recognized me from the picture on our blog, I guess he's been reading mine and Alex's letters. I'm glad he had recognized me otherwise I probably wouldn't have. I recognized his face but i hadn't been able to place where I had seen him before. I think I had just thought I had seen him somewhere else in the MTC. 

Thanks for all the love and support

Love, Ældste Burton

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