Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December 3, 2013

December 3, 2013

Email from Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton


Thanks for the Emails and letters! Especially all the ones I get from my brothers..... :) 
(that's a hint by the way)

We got our first real snow last night, it actually stuck! I cant believe time is going by so fast, less than two weeks left and I'll be in Denmark. We should be getting our flight plans this Friday! Its crazy to think about, we only have like seven days of class left here in the MTC. I think it kind of shocked us all when we first realized that and we have been making new goals to try and progress faster in the language. 

I feel like we all came into the MTC with certain expectations about where we would be with the language when we left, and now it almost feels like we're behind. I think its mainly that we learned so much so fast the first two weeks, going from no danish to a tone, we feel as if we have plateaued in our learning even though we are still learning so much. Its just the comparison. 

We have started this goal to speak only Danish in class, if you want to speak English you have to go out of the room or you get sprayed in the face with a spray bottle. It seems to be helping. The best way I've noticed for me to learn and remember the words is to actually use them in daily conversation. If I just go over the words over and over again I get them in my mind and I remember them right then, but they don't stick and there not there when I need them to be. 

Thanksgiving in the MTC was awesome even if the food wasn't to great. In the morning we had a devotional by Russel M. Nelson, it was cool, he used a lot of volunteers from the missionaries to help us understand his message. In the afternoon we did a service project making meals for kids in Utah, then we went to another devotional that reminded me of primary, the re-inacted the first thanksgiving, having missionaries dress up as pilgrims, indians, and turkeys it was pretty funny. That evening we then got to watch "Ephraim's Rescue".

I love you all thanks for all your prayers!

Love, AEldste Burton

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