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December 23, 2013

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Bunch of Burtons!

Ahh so much to write so little time...

First impressions-

It feels like im in Disney land half the time. The way the Buildings look, the smells, the people walking and biking everywhere.

Danish pastries are amaizing!

Sorry if everything is spelled wrong, im using a Danish keyboard and the spell check is Danish so its a Little confusing. And it keeps capitalizing random Words.

Anyway, so when I started getting to know my new companion/ trainer  Elder Hinrichs, I realized just how many times God reaches out to show he is there in teh smallest ways. Elder \hinrichs is from North Ogden and worked at Camp Loll from the years 2007 to 2009. So we have a lot of the same friends. In fact Ive met his Dad and younger Brother, and the two of us have actually seen each other at alumni weekend at camp. Neither of us had realized it at the time though. Small World. We get along really well, and Elder Hinrichs is glad to have a companion WHO is wanting to follow all the rules. I guess his last companion wouldnt get up until like 9.30 and he wouldnt ever do anything to keep Things clean.

Wich brings me to our Apartment. When I first walked in it was a disaster. The last Elder had left his stuff all over the place. And then there are the walls... The Apartment is one room with a bathroom atatched, and its really badly ventelated. Because of all the moisture in the air everything is almost always damp, and over the last while mold has grown over the the three outer walls and on some parts of the furniture. <its prettry gross. Mom can you find me any tips on how to prevent the walls from growing? or ideas for the best way to clean them, we've used bleach on a few tings and it seems to Work fairly well, but the walls are this weird White textur and it seems to be the only kind of wall matirial that the mold thrives on. So we need a way to keep it from comming back.

 We're going to Deep clean everything on January first because we're not alowed out of the Apartment with all the drunk people wandering around everywhere from their all night new years eve parties. Thats one different thing about Denmark, the drinking age is like 16 I think, so there are a lot of drunk people. We talked to a drunk guy on the bus yesterday and gave him a pass along Card with our number, mabey when he sobers up he'll still want to give us a call.

So when I got here we had one progressing investigator. <now we have two!  I can barely understand them. Really <i cant understand very much of what anyone is saying. After <i gave my testimony på dansk in sacrament on sunday some one complemented me on how well <i  had pronounced everything. So aparently people can understand me, <i just cant understand them..... unless their talking about simple chuch doctrine.

Oh I didnt talk about my area! Im in Odense, its on an Island between the mainland of Denmark and Kopenhaun. Its like the third largest city in Danmark and consists of two Wards Im in the first Ward witch is the Northern half ish of Odense. Its really nice to have a Ward, it Means there are a lot more members to help with the mission Work.

Sence ive been here we've done a lot of Christmas caroling, which is something new to Danish people. We've had a few people look at us realy weird as we start singing and they slowly close to door on us not knowing what to think of us weirdos.

Everyone bikes here, Its pretty cool. On every street there is both a bike lane seperate frome the road, and then a cobel stone side walk. Everything seems to be cobel stone and brick, Theres not much sement. It adds to that Disney land feel. Anyway I havent been able to bike at all yet. the bikes that are here for us are both broken so until we get them fixed we're stuck to taking the bus and walking.

The shordest day of the year just passed! Its been getting dark about 3.30 in the afternoon. and by 5.00 you think its time for bed then you realize there's still five more hours. And today was probably the first day that we've had any sun. Its always either raining or about to rain.

I got your package last week! thanks! I cant wait to open it tomorow, in Danmark the celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve. I sent a package with Jackson and Cash's gifts, Im sorry its going to be a Little late.

Well, Merry Christmas everyone! And Happy New Year!
I probably left a lot out so write me!

Love, Ældste Ken Burton

p.s. the new disney movie Frost, aparently the main song or something is a Danish Christmas song.  Oh and Guess what we have almost every morning for breakfast... Mysli....  not the same kind mom makes, this is store bought like cereal but its really good.  

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