Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Bunch of Burtons!

So we found out we have been using fabric softener instead of soap to wash our clothes for the last few months. Elder Hinrichs has been using it for the last five months that he has been in Odense. The Senior Couple came over this week for apartment checks and showed us that when you shake the bottle it doesn't create soap suds, then Elder Hinrichs looked up a word in the dictionary that he thought was rinse/wash and turned out to be fabric softener. We have normal soap now so I guess our laundry is going to actually get clean now. Although it doesn't smell like lavender anymore. 

Something happened to my bike, its not working very well anymore and I haven't had the time to really look at it. So the gears have never worked. If you change gears, the chain will move up but once you let go it falls back down to the small gear. This week though the small gear has been stripped or broken because the chain pops with almost every peddle. Kind of annoying. So instead I change the gear and try to hold it on that specific gear for the whole bike ride. The problem is every time I take my hand off to signal it falls back to the small gear and starts freakin' out at me. It kind of makes your hand sore to hold it for so long too. Ike if you have any ideas with what to do to fix both the chain/gear and the gear shifter it would probably make it easier to fix, because then I wont have to spend as much time figuring it all out. I've never worked with the kind of gear shifters that twist. The break on the back tire completely fell apart to this week, which I fixed and then something else happened and now I have no idea whats wrong with it. I'm going to look at it later today. 

At least the weather is amazing! The sun keeps coming out, and it feels like spring! An early spring would be awesome, especially sense we have had hardly any winter. But I'm sure it will get cold again before the official spring hits. 

The other day, Saturday I think, we missed a bus to a members house for dinner, but the next bus didn't come for a while so it was faster to walk. As we walked we spoke only Danish. And all of a sudden I realized I was understanding almost all of what my companion was saying, and I was able to form responses in Danish only having to ask for a translation a few times. It was pretty cool. Sense then I've been doing a lot better with understanding and its made it easier to be able to speak more and be involved more in conversations. I've been trying a lot lately to just translate in my head what people say into English, and I've gotten a little faster. But a lot of times Danes speak to fast, so that makes it hard. 

There was this missionary fire side that was being organized by the missionaries in seccond ward for this last Sunday, for the members in both wards to be motivated to help with the missionary work on Fyn. I don't know all the details, but it had been canceled, but then it was anounce in sacrament meeting in the seccond ward anyway. So last minute the seccond ward missionaries threw together a fire side. And then we had an amaizing atendance of three members and eight missionaries. Kind of sad. We called it a good practice round for the next time we put on a fire side. Eric a returned missionary in our ward had been asked to cunduct the fireside, and you could tell he hadnt been told about the fireside until the last minute. He got to the church right before it started, completely red in the face from his fast bike ride over. 

Love'yall! Oh, sorry for the lack of photos these last few weeks. 

Meget Kærlighed!

Ældste Ken Burton

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