Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Bunch of Burtons

Its been sunny the last two days! Yesterday when we came out of the Apartment it was blinding. Our eyes have been so use to a sky without sun for the last few weeks that having the sun out hurt to even look at the road, the roads here seem to be really reflective. It was so nice though. We were trying to soak up as much of it as we could. Todays been a Little colder but the sun is still out so the Cold isnt noticed.

Sorry if random Words are capitalised I think something is wrong with this key board.

I  finnished reading my seccond time through the Book of Mormon this week. I have come to love the Book of Mormon, every time I hold it I feel the truth of it radiate out. I plan on having a Book of Mormon in every room of my house once I get my own. The book inspires me and gives me a view of what it is that God wants me to be doing. I've started reading the D&C and I've been enjoying it a lot. Its really easy to swap out the names for whoever the revelations are for and to put your own name in its place. As you read you learn more in reference to your own life.

 I think I have an ingrown fingernail. The side of it has been sore for like a week and now its turned green. It makes it hard to type.


- Eating with your left hand as well as with your right.
- Biking in slush and snow without falling...... anymore.
- Being able to pick out English in a large crowd.
- Stuffing yourself more then humanly possible.
- Falling asleep really fast.
- Getting dressed and tyeing a tye really fast.
- Ironing really fast.
- Olimpic class sprinting skills, from making all those busses.
- The force feild, crowds part around you and sometimes even cross the street to avoid you then they cross back once your past.

I had this dream last night that I was emailing home and all of a sudden I only had 60 secconds left on the computer timer and I hadnt typed anything. And then I realized I hadnt emailed President Sederholm yet eaither. So I was going back and fourth trying to type both emails before my 60 secconds was up. I cant remember if I finnished in time thought. The dream ended I think. But so far it hasnt come true, which is good, it would be hard typing two emails in 60 secconds.

Transfers are today. Of the twelve missionaries on Fyn only one was transfered. So I dont have to switch trainers. Elder Kinch from my MTC Group is getting a new trainer this transfer which could probably be a Little hard having your training broken up.

This week we had a lot of service Projects which is hard to do in Denmark. Most people dont want to accept help. On Monday we helped an older member start to move. He use to own the LDS bookstore in Copenhagen, and when it closed Down he took the rest of the inventory home. So we moved all the books and Things to a storage unit so it would be easier for him to sell the house hes in right now. Actually I think it was Tuesday, Monday we shoveled for service. Anyway, he had a chair in his house that we got to sit in that was once the chair President Hinkley used in the Copenhagen Temple, it was pretty cool. I guess President Hinkley had requested a sofa, for his office in the temple and this member picked it out himself. I think he might have been the temple president at the time.

I hope everything is going well at home. I love you all, thanks for everything!

Meget Kærlighed!

Ældste Ken Burton

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