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February 17, 2014

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Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

Highlight of the week! Michelle is getting baptised! Yesterday after church she came to us and said that durring sacrament she had been praying about a date. She felt good about March but didnt think it was specific enough so she chose the 15th and felt it was right. She is definatly ready. Elder Hinrichs and I have hardly done anything to help, she has been prepared for a while for this. "The feild is white all ready to harvest." And we are seeing the effects, in the mission there are currently 28 people with a baptisimal date for this year, and four have been baptised.

 After yesterday the rest of the week doesnt seem nearly as exciting.

We had a Zone training on Wednesday then spent pretty much the rest of the day at the Ridel's house. They have been doing a lot of remodeling with their house and asked us to help move some things for them, when we were done we played tag for a while with their kids. I am so out of shape its obvious I havnt run in two months. The older son Isaac is about six, he started going to a wrestling club a few times a week and I guess he has gotten really good with the 3/4 Stack, a wrestling move I taught him a few weeks ago. We had dinner with them as well, a realy good chili on rice. And they had Cholula hot sauce! I've been looking for it everywhere here, but I dont think they sell it in Denmark. The Ridel's said they got theirs down in Germany.

Something they do here that I like, after the closing prayer in sacrament meeting a verse from another hymn is played. Everyone stays in there seats listning until the song gets done before they go to the class rooms. A few assigned people, young men im sure if there were more of them, get up and get ready to get the doors for everyone. I feel like it helps keep the spirit as people begin to move between rooms. And you dont end up having people jumping up right after the prayer and start talking to each other.

For anyone in seminary or going to be in seminary one day. Dont ignore the scripture mastery. I didnt take it very seriously and now I have a harder time remebering were scriptures are when I need them. It also really impresses people when you quote a memorized scripture in a lesson. It shows them that you beleive what your saying to have tooken the time to memorize it. Trust me youll be glad you took the time to learn your scripture mastery. I would love to have come out on my mission with a better knowledge of the scriptures. "Behold, I say unto you that you shall let your time be devoted to the studying of the scriptures" D&C 26:1

Oh, thanks family! I got the package you sent. President brought it to our zone training and then I almost lost it a few times on the way home, but it made it. Thanks for all the cards and treats! And the tie was really nice, as a missionary you get bord of your ties pretty quick its great to have another one to add something new and exciting. There arnt many other ways for us Elders to change up our look.

Cool scripture I came across this week.
2 Nephi 33:6
"I glory in plainness; I glory in truth; I glory in my Jesus, for he hath redeemed my soul from hell."
You think its going to rime and then it doesnt. It ends with power. Imagine if we didnt have Christ's atonement. All the pains of eternal punishment for all our mistakes. With and through Christ we can instead repent and live with God again. We have much reason to glory in Jesus.

I feel like I had a hole list of things I was going to write about, but now I cant think of any. Ah well. By the way Arabic sounds really cool, there is some guy talking on the phone next to me in Arabic. You hear it a lot in Denmark.

There is this old lady sitting at the computer in front of me and I just realized who she reminds me of. She looks just like that lady from Harry Potter who saw the dementor attack Harry and Dudley and then she spoke for them at court or something. 

Anyway, Thanks for all the photos this week Mom! Good job Brig with your gymnastics! And Gus with your leadership award thats pretty cool! I love you all! Thanks for all your prayers!

Meget Kærlighed

Ældste Kenneth Burton

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