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March 10, 2014

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Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton - Transfer madness!

Bunch of Burtons

Elder Hinrichs is gone and Im now with Elder Johnson from Lehi Utah. He's only been here for maybe an hour, so I dont know him to well yet but he seems to be a great guy and we're definatly going to work well together. Its so weird being the one kind of in charge, showing where everything is at, and leading everywhere. Its not a bad change though. Elder Johnson has only been in the feild a few transfers longer than I have and he's only served in one other area, so all this transfer madness is new to him too. I would send a photo of him, and photos of the rest of the week, but unfortunatly I forgot my camera on my desk back in the apartment, so photos will have to wait until next week.

Its so warm today! Its the first day my mission Ive been able to comfortably go outside without a jacket. And its warm enough to make me wish I had brought more short sleave shirts, I think ill probably survive though. Its getting sunnier too! The sun is up by seven now instead of 10.30 when I got here.

 A lot happened this week. Mandag (Monday) we went on splits with the Zone leaders in their area. I whent to an eating apointment at a members house with Elder VanDenBergh. Durring dinner the mom mentioned something about a daughter on a mission and I suddenly realized why the family looked so familiar, I had met their daughter in the MTC before she left to her mission in Idaho. It was pretty cool, small world. The mom showed me some photos her daughter had sent her from the MTC of some other Elders in my MTC district. I guess my companions and I hadnt been there for the photo.

The next dag (day) Tirsdag (Tuesday) Elder VanDenBergh and I stopped by a lessactive member and he let us in. He then called his girlfriend and invited her over and we were able to teach her the first lesson. Having her boyfreind there to bere his testimony was really good, he has brought her to church the last few weeks and now she wants to continue with the lessons.

That evening we gave English lessons to a guy from Turkey. It made me realize how many English words there are that are hard to give a definition to. One I can remember was "fixated", easy enough for us to understand, but hard to explain to someone who has a very small vocabulary in English. While we were there he brought out this drink that he explained as very healthy and that he has had almost everyday of his life. He takes a special kind of mushroom from somewhere like Russia I think and lets them soak in milk for about three days in the fridge. It was pretty bad. The flavor was bad enough but then it was super sour too so it made it really hard to get down.

I just realized Elder Vandenbergh was just transphered to Bornholm today. I wont be seing him for a while. He's probably going to finnish off his mission there since he doesnt have much time left. Im glad I was able to get to know him, he's pretty cool and its a fun conection that Im friends with his cusin Haylie.

Thursday (Torsdag) was Zone Confrences. We're trying to use family history a lot more in the mission, Its a big goal right now to use family history to find more people to teach. Danes dont like talking about religion at all. They would rather talk about anything other than religion, but they love their families and their history. All Danes are very proud of their viking heritage, and they love to talk about families and where people come from. So we're trying to take that and use it in our work by aproaching people with family history work and talking about the churches strong stance in protecting and suporting the family. Im really excited to see how the work will pick up as we use this more.

Well thats about all for now, I love you all, thanks for everything!

Oh they have photos of zone conference on the mission blog* if any one wants to look at that its We Love Cop- Den Mission.

Meget Kærlighed,

Elder Kenneth Burton**

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**Click on Elder Burton's photo to go to his "I'm a Mormon profile".

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