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Email August 11, 2014

Email August 11, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

I feel like I always start this way, but... Great week! Along with some more adventures and stories!

First of all I'm sure you remember about the story from last week about when we had to park the car early and walk the rest of the way home. Well that one experience, that one moment of being obedient and not driving past our limit has been the cause of an exciting story. We were able to finally set up an appointment for Saturday with Casper, the guy we ran into in Netto as we walked back to our car. Because I had never been to Casper's house and we were going to be on splits the day we met with him Elder Durrant suggested showing going street contacting and showing me where Casper lives on the way. As we walked around this corner a man yelled at us from across the street obviously drunk, and then left his friends to come talk to us. He told us this story about how 20 years ago a priest had given him a Bible with his phone number in it and how he texted the number not to long ago, but never got a response. Probably because phones 20 years ago didn't always have texting capabilities. Anyway, as we were talking Elder Durrant and I glanced behind us at the same time and saw this girl, Cecilia, who we had contacted a few weeks ago and hadnt yet called us back, she recognized us and said Hi, but kept going with the two friends she was with. The drunk guy went to leave after a few more minutes and spanked Elder Durrant as he walked past. Weird. We kept going and realized we were following Cecilia, and now one of there friends were gone. We were trying to figure out how to talk to her again when they turned around and started coming back towards us! But right as they were about to reach us their third friend came around a corner, joined back up with them and all three turned back around and walked off. So close! We went and found Casper's house and then headed back towards the fjord. As we walked across an intersection we saw the drunk guy again waiving us down. We waited for him to come up to us and he started talking again. I cant remember all the details, but his friend Henrik didnt like us to much and was trying to end the conversation and keep going but Lasse, the wanted to keep talking. We handed Lasse a Mormons Bog and told him a little about it promising that it would change his life. Henrick tried to grab it from him so he could read what was on the front cover, but Lasse wasnt going to let the book out of his hands. I pulled out a second copy of Mormons Bog and handed it to Henrik and his entire attitude towards us immediately changed. All of a sudden he was asking if he could keep the book, saying "I swear to you I will read this book", and was wanting to show it to his Catholic girlfriend, but she didn't speak Danish so we gave him an English copy instead. They both were very excited about the books, and we asked if we could come by and teach them more and Lasse tried to tell us his address twice which neither of us could catch, so finally he said in English " its Angel Road number --". Last night we typed in Engelgade but it didnt exist. We were thinking we must have misunderstood. Elder Durrant then got the impression to type Engel into the the GPS and found a bunch of different roads with the word engel in it none of which were in the direction he had pointed. We chose the nearest one, deciding to just knock the area and see if maybe it was him. We pull up and its this huge expensive looking house. We checked the mailbox and sure enough the name said Lasse! It couldnt possibly be the same Lasse though could it? We knocked and a woman came to the balcony above us and we said we knew Lasse and that he told us to come stop by. She told us Lasse was sick but that she would go get him. And sure enough Lasse comes to the porch compleatly sober. And he recognized us too! We made sure he had our number and we're going to be going back in about a week so that he has time to get over being sick.

This week we have had so much success in finding and getting into contact with people. We already have 10 lessons set up for this next week with more planned to be added to that. This week is going to fly by with all we have going on. We also have a mission wide conference on Wednesday with our area President coming to give us a special training.

We had great lessons with both Casper and Johnas this last week, Casper really needs to read more out of the Book of Mormon and sincerely pray about it. He's Catholic and kept going on about how the Catholic church is the oldest so its the only one with authority. When he finds out the Book of Mormon is true he'll come to a knowledge that the correct authority has once again been restored to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. He told us he would read before we next meet with him and next time we're going to try to help him come to church, he couldn't come yesterday. Johnas has been worried about praying because he read Moroni 10:3-5 and it says to pray with faith in Christ, but he doesn't think he has faith in Christ yet so he hasn't prayed. We explained that both hope and the fact that he is trying to learn about God and Christ is a form and show of faith even if he doesn't yet believe in Christ himself. He committed to read more from the Book of Mormon and try praying before we next come.

On splits on Saturday we found another two potential investigators. Both of which aproached us as we walked down the street. One woman who asked us about the Holy Ghost and if we believe in him. She also refered her daughter to us then gave us her address asking us to stop by next week. The other was as we were heading to the fjord to contact. A man named Jose stopped us asking us if we were Christians and said he wanted to talk for 20 minutes on over at the fjord. We walked over with him then he asked us to tell a story about the ocean about Christ so I told about Moses and he said that was a sea not an ocean so Elder Durrant started telling him about Lehi's family crossing to the promised land. But he cut us off and took us into Jensens Bøfhus (a restaurant) and we talked for a few minutes on the porch overlooking the fjord. Then he gave us his number and said to call next week to meet again.

A lot of amazing things are happening here in Holbæk. The area is on the edge of something big and needs the right push to send it flying!

Thanks everyone! Have an awesome week!

Meget Kærlighed!

Elder Kenneth Burton

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