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Email August 25, 2014

Email 8-25-14         Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

New companion! Elder Durrant has been moved (today) down to Sonderborg, down on the edge of Germany. When they have a baptism they'll drive down to the nearest baptismal font in Germany because its a lot closer than the one in Denmark. Elder Eisert is my new companion, came over from Ballerup and will be our district leader. Its been a while sense I've had a companion who was a district leader. He's from Lehi, Utah and from what I'm told is very good at ballroom dancing and computer programming, he worked as a intern at Microsoft for a summer. My first companion that I have kind of known before serving with him. He had been in one of the other areas on Fyn when I was serving in Odense.

Ya, so I realized this week that I feel just like Bilbo Baggins from the Lord of the Rings. Living in a beautiful shire full of rolling fields and forests, blue skies and streams. But as he once said, "I want to see Mountains again, Frodo, Mountains!" We were eating at a members house the other day and she is from Norway. She pulled out a map book of Norway and was talking about the mountains and wilderness where she comes from. Memories of Camp and the Tetons came flooding back and I wanted to just go crazy. Elder Durrant commented recently that I really love clouds because I mention them so much, but without mountains their the only thing you see in the sky. Ah well, Denmark is very beautiful and its got some great sun sets now that the sun does set. 

I realized because of the new transfer I have a new planner, which means I don't have the last week to glance through to remind me about our adventures. A good test of memory I guess. Lets see... I don't remember if I mentioned this last week, but last Sunday our phone broke. We were making a few calls and Elder Durrant tossed me the phone saying "you should call Jose`", the phone hit me in the chest then fell onto the floor. No big deal. The phone has been dropped probably hundreds of times. But this time it decided to give up and die on us. The screen blew out so we couldn't see anything. We could still receive calls and texts we just couldn't read the texts unless we called some other Elders and had them guide us through the phone blind so we could forward them a text and have them read it to us over the phone. A long process. But we got a new phone so that's good.

We had an amazing lesson with our friend Mike. We taught him again up at the castle near where he lives. At one point in the lesson he mentioned a feeling he has now had twice. Both times when talking with us. He said it was like a shiver that ran through his body but only on the inside. Exciting, but scary at the same time. Like someone was coming up behind him. He said that it felt as if he should act on the things we were saying not because it is good but because it is true. We testified to him that that was the Holy Ghost testifying the truth of these things to him. He wants to work to be baptized but was not ready for a specific date, which he said he'll start thinking and praying about. He's wanting to know more before he makes that big step and talk to a member who has joined the Church even though their parents weren't happy about it and how they got their parents support.

We met again with Leif! The motorcyclist who had given us a Biker Bible, this time we were given a Metal Bible, the front and back has stories and pictures of Metal music artists and bands that are christian. Some of the photos are kind of scary, not what you would expect to see in a Bible. Leif is very faithful, he is just missing some truths that were lost. He's not very good at reading or writing so its hard for him to read the Book of Mormon. We're trying to help him get to church so that he can see what its like there, he didn't show up on Sunday though.

Your all being prayed for, I hope everything is great! Good luck with the hunt and school! Brothers... Don't fall behind on homework. Its like dishes, when you let them pile up you regret it, it takes a lot more time, and you get mold growing on the counter. A suggestion, something I've learned here in the field. Do your homework and learn the material before you are taught it in class. Use your class time as an opportunity to review what you have already taught yourself. If you haven't already received one ask your teachers for a silibus to see when you will learn what and what homework assignments are when so you can do your assignment early, review the subject in class, and then correct your homework if needed after. We study a subject before all of our meetings so that we already know what will be taught. Elder Bednar is coming next week and has given us things to study before he arrives. Try it out. An apostle uses it, so it must work.

Meget Kærlighed!

Elder Ken Burton 

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