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Email August 4, 2014

Email August 4, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

Not a tone happened in Holbæk this week, we spent two nights in Taastrup on splits and then a whole day in Roskilde because we have been way short on kilometers. In fact on our way home on Thursday we had to stop a few kilometers from our apartment and walk the rest of the way to avoid going over our limit. The walk actually turned out to be a blessing because the next day, the 1st of the month, we walked back out to the car and stopped by a store on the way to buy some seeds for a lesson we had latter that day. As we walked into Netto one of the workers made eye contact and watched us for a minute until we got closer and he asked if we were Mormons. He then mentioned he knew a few Mormons and pulled up a text on his phone and said, "I believe their names are Elder Burton and Elder Durrant." He was an old investigator that we have been trying to get into contact with for a while, but neither Elder Durrant or I had met him. Kasper, the one we were talking to, had thought we were the old missionaries that he had known before who had been texting him. Now that we've met it should be a little easier to meet with him. And he is wanting to meet, he just works about double the time most Danes spend working in a week.
 Kind of a weird experience while knocking an apartment building with Elder Christensen on splits. We had just knocked a whole building without anyone answering and were half way down a second when I said a quick prayer asking for help to give out at least one Book of Mormon before we finished the building. Two doors latter, an older woman maybe in her 60's answered in her underwear. We quickly introduced ourselves and she invited us in saying she would go grab a robe to put on, we told her we didn't have much time so we couldn't go in right then but asked if there was a better time and she flat out told us "No, this is your only chance." Somehow though we actually got a conversation going about God and she kept holding out a cross that was hanging around her neck saying she believed in God. We talked to her for maybe 15 minutes and she tried to hide behind the door, I think she realized we were uncomfortable. We told her about the Book of Mormon and she got really excited when she realized it was free. She took a copy and promised she would read it, saying she hoped it would answer her questions. She was way positive, and is now a potential investigator in Taastrup, it was just a little weird at the time. Hopefully next time the Elders go by she has more cloths on. She said it was too warm.¨

We had another great lesson with Per this week, I always learn so much every time we meet with him, I still don't understand why he doesn't come to church, and now he's going on vacation to Japan for a month so we wont see him for a little while. We talked for a little about the Danish job system and I learned a lot about where it came from and why they try to do everything the way they do. I guess when one works for the government there is a specific pay you will receive. A bunch of other money is set aside and in order to get paid more you need to convince your boss every year that you are worth more than the normal pay check and your boss will divide the extra money to the workers who convince him that they deserve it. Kind of interesting.

We shared a message with Per about building upon the rock of our Redeemer, and related it with our last lesson with him about attitude and mind over matter. It takes a mental effort to build upon the foundation of Christ, its not easy to build but once you are built you will be solid and sure. Having a sure foundation. A quote I've heard says, "Son, if the mountain was smooth you couldn't climb it!" or you could say "Son if the rock was smooth you couldn't build on it." We need to constantly put forth an effort to build upon the rock of our Redeemer. It would be simple to build on the beaches and sands of the world, but you wont last very long.

Elder Durrant and I have been talking lately about memory and ways of learning. I learn very much hands on and by sight. For example after one time driving down to Roskilde I was able to do the trip both ways without needing any directions or help. Catching Elder Durrant by surprise. Elder Durrant on the other hand learns much better through hearing things and through listening. Something I've been wanting to improve, because so much is told and most of learning Danish is through listening and matching pronunciation. So we came up with this game where we write a sequence of numbers and read it to the other person and they have to repeat it backwards. Even after 10 minutes I could see a difference! We're going to try doing it a few minutes every day to improve each others memory and listening abilities.

Thanks for all the photos! I couldn't help laughing when I saw the twins expressions in some of the photos at the temple. That's amazing the temple is finished! When I left it wasn't even all the way done with the outside. Everyone seems to be doing great back home, thanks for keeping in touch so much!

Meget Kærlighed!

-Ældste Burton

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