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Email September 1, 2014

Email September 1, 2014 – Sister Alexandra Burton
You Won't Belive It But...MISSIONARY MAILBOX

Dear Family!

Never thought that it would come down to it, but I sent my last handwritten letters last week (dated the 25th).  Well, I might send some more, but today was a pretty busy P-day and anything going out after today is pretty much guarranteed to get home (gulp) after I do. But let's not talk about that!  It kind of hurts my heart to break down and email my last three weeks, but I've decided that letting you all know about the miracles around here is more important to me that anything else!  Also, hate to admit it, but letters take time, and I'm going to give everything in the next couple weeks to living here, in Korea.

Yesterday, for the second week in a row, our new investigator family (yes, FAMILY!!!) came to church!  We called the mom Saturday night to make sure they were coming and she said, sorry, they wouldn't  be able to make it because they were busy.    The feeling I got, though, was that she's just a little overwhelmed by everything right now.  They met us (and our church) for the first time last last Saturday at English class, came to church Sunday, came to the Mon. night English class,  chatted with us by phone Tuesday, had their first lesson Wednesday, English class again Saturday...that's how we like it, actually!  Contact with investigators that often is what we strive for, but I think she was a little overwhelmed.  They were pretty surprised last week too, when church was a whopping three hours long!  And such a different style from the churches they are used to.

But, as it turns out, they all came to church!  Her eleven year old daughter woke up Sunday morning and said, "Mom, I want to go to church."

"Oh, really?  Why?"

"Well, we have to keep the Sabbath day holy, right?"


"And, uh, that one foreigner boy missionary is really cute."

"Okay.  Get your shoes and let's go!"

We rolled laughing when we heard that.  We didn't tell Elder Carter thanks for getting our family to church again.  Maybe we will in like a year or so.

The family friend is SUPER interested.  She's been studying alot, and she's read all about our church on the internet, for good and bad.  She read about the word of wisdom, asked us to clarify in our first lesson, and is already trying to keep it.

Our grandmother, too, is continually pushing forward to baptism in two weeks!  Next week is a HUGE holiday here in Korea, and everyone is so far away from each other that the most difficult part is trying to get the baptismal interview scheduled!  A two and half bus ride up for our district leader, another 30min. drive with a member, interview, and then same thing all over again for the return trip.  But this is what we do!  And we love it!

I sat in bed last night just trying to mull over a few things and I just couldn't believe it.  In one day (yesterday) woke up, baked three batches of banana bread in our tiny oven for the after church branch lunch, taught gospel principles class and gave a talk in sacrament in Korean, had 4 investigators at church, taught another lesson, went out by the river to talk to people and found another new family of three to teach, took pictures with a group of giggling high school girls and gave them all mormon cards...

I cannot belive how blessed I am to live here in Andong, with these people, speaking this language, doing God's work.  I am SO happy.

Love you all!
버튼 자매

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