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Email September 15, 2014

Email 9-15-14 Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

Isn't the spirit amazing? The way its able to touch your mind in such ways that you don't even recognize until after the prompting was or wasn't followed. It allows us to use our agency and faith by living in a way that we will recognize the prompting or at least be living in a way that you are following Gods will so you follow the prompting even when you don't realize its a prompting. We stopped by our friend Margo a few days ago, a woman from Russia, we weren't able to go in at the time because her son wasn't home, but she was so grateful for the effort. She said that it reminds her that God cares and is looking after her because we always seem to come by when she needs help and we always seen to know what to say.

 Last Sunday a name came into mind, multiple times...Lasse... with the thought to stop by, he was the man who stopped us on the street a few weeks ago while drunk and then we were able to find his house and talk to him a little. The last time I have talked to him was maybe three weeks ago because he had told us he would call us. Not a way positive response. On Sunday I felt it would be about time to try and get back into contact. It was almost exactly 8:00 when we rang on the door bell, we hadn't gone earlier because we didn't want to interrupt dinner. Instead we interrupted something else.. the baby was sleeping. Lasse came to the door, not happy at all. He simply told us he was not interested and said that that was all, he didnt want to see us again. I've had worse drop situations, where people have yelled about calling the cops if we ever came back, but I've never had one that felt so much like a stab to the chest. I had felt so much hope for that family, such high expectations. And they were dashed to pieces with two sentences. I don't understand why that drop, felt so much worse than the others. I am so grateful though that God doesn't just give us one chance. He prepares the hearts of his children a little at a time. He allows us time to use our agency, and prepares us to have the opportunities to make the right choices. I know Lasse will have many more opportunities to accept the gospel. Elder Bednar told us that on average a person has contact with the church 18 times before they accept it. Change definitely doesn't happen all at once.

We had a lesson yesterday with a man named Brian. He loves talking about the States, maybe a little to much. He loves Burton snowboards! And is studying to start his own travel agency for mountain adventure trips. But he is very willing to listen when we begin to teach. Right now he isn't to sure about who God is or if he is the creator of everything, but he does believe in Christ and is encouraging his 5 year old son to be raised believing in Jesus. I feel like once he see's that Gods hand is in everything his love of nature will grow more than ever, and that love for the out doors can be a tool to help him see Gods existence.

Our lessons with Aot are going great. We have to teach very simply, more simply than I have taught my whole mission because he literally knows nothing about the Savior and his gospel. We should have a Tie Book of Mormon for him this next week which he is excited to read. His wife/ girl friend is starting to become interested as well. As we teach Aot we noticed she listens intently, at one point she started laughing about something Aot said, so she's defiantly listening, next time we're going to see if maybe she will translate some of what we say into Tie, and that way she will be more involved and Aot will understand better. Aots glad to hear that we don't come from monkeys.

Mike is awesome! Because of some different reasons we haven't been able to meet with him for about three weeks until this last Saturday. He's read our "assignment" D&C 89 three times sense we last met and came with some great questions. He's been praying a lot more as well and it was him that brought up church and the desire to come to church. He would have come yesterday but was unable to borrow his parents car. He lives clear out of the way for any of the members so its been hard trying to find a way for him to come, he's planning on next Sunday though. He promised to try praying each morning and night and wants to keep studying and learning before he commits to anything yet.

"Dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power." - Joseph Smith

Have a great week!
Med meget Kærlighed,
-Elder Ken Burton

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