Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 7, 2014

Email September 7, 2014 – Sister Alexandra Sue Burton
Missionary Mailbox

Hey Family!

Arggh, this email will be really short, I'm sorry!  There is so much paperwork and such that we have to send in to the mission office...crazy stuff, going home.  Even if I were to TRY not to think about it, it would be impossible!

Happy Chuseok!  The streets are empty and silent but we are taking this P-day to have a big dinner with a less active and we are excited for all the yummy, deep fried food!

Thanks for all of your sweet notes and emails!  I got all the letters from the Young Women from girls camp!  Thank you all so much!  Love you tons!

Till next week! LOVE YOU!!!

Sister Burton

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