Monday, February 9, 2015

Email February 9, 2015

Email February 9, 2015 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

Well I'm staying here in Randers as the new district leader with Elder Sakurada as my companion. He comes from Roy, has worked at Camp Bartlet for a few summers and has wrestled sense he was a little kid. So we have quite a lot in common. He's been out for about six months, maybe seven. The same MTC group as Elder Amos.

This next transfer is going to be great! With the combining of areas we have so much work to do! We have a lot of very positive investigators we are working with, and we keep finding a lot more. The work is accelerating.

Speaking of which this last week Simon, Lise lottes husband, has accepted a baptismal date as well as the Pelargu family I taught in Holbæk! I'm going to try and make it to their baptisms but we'll have to see. It costs quite a bit to get back to Holbæk. 

This last week has been great. Kind of crazy though having four Elders in the one small apartment. We managed, but it was very hard to keep the apartment clean.

Our investigator Gert is doing great, he has given up on drinking for the last month and has a strong desire to give up smoking. His goals right now are centered more on the health benifits of not smoking, but we're trying to help him recognize his goals as something that is also Gods goal for him.

Something I'm trying to learn and come to better understand right now is how to help others recognize the spirit. And more than that, but to learn how the Holy Ghost speaks to different people. I read a talk in an old Liahona magazine that talked about the idea of God speaking to us in our own language. We all learn in different ways. Some of us are very hands on learners. Some of us learn very well from reading a book or sitting and listening to someone speak. I wan't to learn to recognize the different ways the Holy Ghost speaks to people who learn in different ways. I don't want to tell an investigator that they will get an answer in a certain way when they probably learn in a totally different way than I do. I invite everyone to ponder over how you have felt the spirit before in your lives, and how you recognize it. Consider also the best ways you typically learn and see how they connect. I would love to hear some of your thoughts.

Our friend Jay has accepted an invitation to church! A few weeks ago he had told us he will never come to church because he doesn't believe in man, that he can worship God on his own. We had a lesson with him focused on the sacrament the atonement of Jesus Christ and he accepted the invitation to church. We're hoping to find him a ride this next Sunday.

Thanks everyone!
Meget Kærlighed!
Elder Burton

P.S. Oh, by the way, our branch mission leader is moving to Provo, his wife is there finishing up school. I gave him our home address and phone number for if he's ever in Ogden. If you want to contact him his email is Maybe you could set something up to meet him and his wife (she's from texas). Jakob might want to visit the Ogden temple, just and idea. He's moving tonight.

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