Monday, February 15, 2016

Email February 15, 2016

Email February 15, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Zone Conference, Divisions with the assistants

Great week as always here in Alejandro Korn. On Friday we had zone conferece which was great. The whole thing was centered on repentence and how we can better teach repentance and baptize converts. We did a ton of practices and group discussions that were great, they really helped me and I hope they helped the rest of the zone too.

The principle of repentance really is amazing. I think my whole life I just kind of looked at it as something for sinners. Which is sad because I´m beginning to understand how much more it really means. My favorite way to teach repentence is to explain that repentance means the same thing as change. They´re synominous. When we truly repent, we change our thoughts, beliefs, actions. Everything we can to put our lives more in harmony with the will of God. When you look at repentance this way its a lot easier to see how repentance truly is for everyone, everyday. We all have our weaknesses and those things we want to change and improve. ANd the way to change and improve is through repentance. Which is posible because of the atonement of our brother Jesus Christ. 

After the the zone conference I had the great oportunity to do divisions with one of the assistants is his area. Wow, it was awesome, I learned a ton. We did so many contacts and literally just talked with everyone that we could. I think thats the biggest thing I leaned from it. The importance to talk with everyone. If I talk with everyone I can I´ll always have investigatores, I´ll gain more love for the people, my spanish will improve, and so much more. I always knew that it was important and I thought I did an ok job but now I have a whole new vision of what it means. So thats one of my new goals, to talk with everyone in every moment that I can.

We had one investigator come to church yesterday named Camila! She is living with her boyfriend who is a member and is starting to atend again. She wants to get baptised but has to wait till April when she turns 18 and can get married. So we´ll see where that goes. This area is interesting. There are tons of people who are willing to let us in to talk to them. We found 8 new investigatores this week which is super normal here. But the problem is that none of them progress. They just don´t like to follow through with the commitments which is hard. We´re working on it though.

Thanks for everything, I hope you all have a great week!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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