Monday, February 1, 2016

Email February 1, 2016

Email February 1, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
La vida de la mision es la vida mejor!

A veces solo quiero escribir en español. It´s kinda starting to scare me how spanish is just kinda taking me over. The other day I had to call one of the senor missionaries here in the mission offices who doesn´t speak spanish. It was just about killed me to talk in english haha, I literally couldn´t express my thoughts in english with out really thinking about it first. Weird, I never thought I´d get to that point. I´ll take it as a good thing though. I still have a lot to leard of this language but I have come a long way. It´s amazing what we can do when we put our trust in the Lord and work hard to do our part. We literally can do anything.

This week has been great. It is really weird to switch areas. You go from knowing an area like the back of your hand and being super confident with the members, companion, and everything to not knowing anything. Everything is new and you´re forced to start over and learn it all again. But it is so awesome. I think God does it like this for a reason. He never lets you get to comfortable because we don´t learn when we are comfortable. We learn in those difficult times where we really have to strech and step into the unknown. It´s all part of His incredible plan for us. Becuase He loves us.
 Alejandro Korn is awesome. Way differnet than Rafael Castillo. Super peacful and calm, I never see the groups of druggies and drunks that were on every corner in my last area. It´s really nice. Also we have bikes here!! Wow I love bikes. And it´s amazing how much work we get done just because we can travel so much faster. It´s great, I love it. I´m super excited to serve here and help this ward grow. There hasn´t been much success here the last few years but I´m ready to work hard and change that. My comp and I have been brainstorming a ton latetly for new ideas and we have a few that I think should help a lot. We´ll see what happens.

We found a new investigator this week named Orlando. He has a ton of interest and we invited him to be baptised during the first lesson and he accepted! We set a date for the 21 of February. We´ll see how things go. We have like 13 other investagators too but the problem with almost all of them is that they are living with someone and not married. It´s a huge problem here. We´re working with it though, several of them are working on a date to get married which is great.

I hope everyone has a great week, Thanks for everything!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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