Monday, February 8, 2016

Email February 8, 2016

Email February 8, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Elder Bednar is coming!!!

This last wednesday we had a leadership meeting with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders in the mission. The meeting was great, we all got to teach a part from the worldwide missionary conference that we had a few weeks ago. I love meeting like that because I get to see all the different ways that people teach and explain the gospel. It´s something that I´m really trying to improve so I love learning how to improve myself. But the best part of the meeting was that President Thurgood anounced that on the 24th of this month Elder Bednar is coming to Buenos Aires to speak to all the missionaries here!! I don´t think I've ever been so excited for a meeting before.
 This week we did divisons with some Elders here in the zone. I was with a missionary named Elder Seal in his area and we had a lesson that taught me some very important things. This lesson was with a family that had been invistagating the church for a long time, two of the daughters had been baptized and the parents had a date to get married and then to be baptized soon after. In the beginning of the lesson we were just kinda talking and getting to know them better and the mom began to talk about the first missonary that taught her. She talked about what a great missionary he was and that he was like a son to her and just about how much she loved him. Which is great, it´s always good to here that a missionary made a good impact on someone. But then all of a sudden this lady told us that her andher husband had been talking and had decided to stop taking the misionary discussions and to not let her daughters attend church either. She told us that the reason was becuase she doesnt beleive that the church is true. She literally said that she had been taking the lessons because she had been converted to this missionary and liked him, not to christ and this gospel.

That was a hard lesson. Elder Seal took it pretty hard cause he was pretty close to the family. But I am very grateful for that lesson because it showed me how important it is for me as a missionary to always remember my purpose and make sure that my investigators know my purpose. My purpose is Christ and to bring people to him. Not to myself, not to the church, not to Joseph Smith. To Christ. Just as Helaman says to his sons in the Book Of Mormon, Christ is our rock and we must build our foundations and our testimonies on him if we want to stay strong and reach our goal of eternal life. He is the only way and He is the center of everything we do.

We set a bauptisimal date this week witha man named Raul for the 27 of this month. He has investigated the church for like 8 years of something like that. A way long time. We´re really working with him right now to help him recieve an anser that the book of mormon is true. He likes the church and everything but said that he just hasn´t recieved an answer. So thats what we´re working on with him. We´ll see how things go.

I hope everyone has a great week, thanks for everything!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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