Monday, April 4, 2016

Email April 4, 2016

Email April 4, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
General Conference

Another great week with tons of rain! We spent the last few days just wading through mud and water. Pretty fun actually, kina a little kids dream.

The general conference was amazing as always. I always love hearing and bening strengthened by the powerful words of the prophets and apostles of God. Five of our investigatores were also blessed to be able to hear their words. And they all loved it, no better way to help them prepare for baptism. Especialy with the talk that ELder Bednar gave about baptism and the importance for us to retain the remision of of sins. Couldnt have been a better talk for investigators.

A few of the talks that stuck out to me: 

President Monson: 4 new temples!!! What a huge blessing, it´s amazing how many temples we have now.The fact that so many people have access to the house of the lord is such an incredible blessing. ANd it will just keep improving. But as he said, we have to always make the choices in our lives to lead us on the right path that will take us to the temple. We know where we want to go, so we must take the path that will lead us there. There is only one.

ELder Christopherson: Thanks Dad. It made me wonder how many prayers you have said for me.

The talk by Patick Kearon about refugees was very interresting and it was extremly touching afterwards to see Deiter F. Uchorf choke up a little. He knows personaly what those refugees go through, he was one. I think there´s a lot more we can each do to help them as christ would.

ELder Holland: It was sure obvios how much he and the other general authorities love us. It was incredible powerful the way he expresssed to us his love. I liked a lot that he said "If we do our best today, tomorrow will be magnificent." We never need to be scare of tomorrow if we do everything right today. If we live to day the was we should we will be prepared for whatever will come tomorrow. It´s something I can apply a lot more to my life.

I hope everyone else enjoyed the conference as much as I did. I know that those men really are prophets of god and really speak with him for our benefit. Thanks for everything, I hope you all have a great week!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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