Monday, June 20, 2016

Email June 20, 2016

Email June 20, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton               
Bailing Elders out of jail...

Well I have to say that this was one of the more interesting weekends of my life. On saturday moring during personal study we received a call from an elder in our zone. In a paniked  voice he quickly explained to us that the sister missionaries in their ward had been robbed, his companion arrested, and that he was now alone with the hermanas in his apartment. Without asking many questions we hopped on the bikes and rode over to where they were. In short this is what they told us:

That morning the sisters had been out exersizing and ran into a drunk guy at a bus stop. He pulled out a gun and began to rob them. One of the sisters saw an opportunity and stole the gun from the robber and they began to run. Luckily the robber was drunk and couldn´t keep up with them. The sisters ran to the apartment of the elders in their ward but on the way a lady saw them runing with a gun and called the police. While the elders called president and tried to calm down the sisters they suddenly heard a lound bang on the door. They imediatly jumped to the conclusion that it was the robber and the elderes went into protective mode. One of them grabbed the gun that the sisters had taken from the robber and opened the door to find about 15 police officers pointing thier guns right at him. Of course the police officers saw the gun in the elders hand and went kinda crazy. They threw him to the ground annd hancuffed him and eveyone else in the apartment. When they realized that the missionaries weren´t actually dangerous they let them all go except for the elder who had had the gun. They arrested him and took him to the police station, leaving his companion with the sisters.

Thats when we got the call. We then spent the rest of the day calming them all down and bailing the one elder out of jail. And that was our Saturday. I definitly wasn´t expecting that when I woke up that morning. It was pretty crazy.

Other than that it was a pretty normal week. We found one new investigator named Tamara who is the friend of a recent convert. She´s super cool and has a lot of desire to learn about the church because her friend has told her a lot about it. Right now she´s not sure if she beleives in God but she wants to which is a good start. We´ll see how things go.

So that was my week. Thanks for everything, I hope everyone has a great week!!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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