Monday, June 6, 2016

Email June 6, 2016

Email June 6, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
New area, new people

I´ve now had one week here in Banfield 2b and wow, it is so different than any area that I´ve had so far. But it´s awesome, I love it! As I said before, this area is the richest, nicest area in the mission. That being said, it´s totally different. In my last area we averaged probably fifteen lessons a week more or less. This week we had three lessons. Pretty big difference, but it´s cool cause it means we contact a ton more people. And here you have to contact really well cause the people are really well educated and have pretty deep questions and comments sometimes. It´s pretty fun :)

One of the weirdest parts about this area is that everyone thinks that we are robbers, it´s kinda sad haha. Last night we were knocking a few doors looking for an old investigator and one of the people we talked to got super suspicious and started following us. We´re pretty sure he called the police. Kinda crazy :)

The other day we were walking down the street and we saw a house with a sign in front that said "happiness" in english. We decided that was a good sign and so we rang the door bell. A lady came out and recognized us imediately as mormons and told us that she has a instagram friend who is from Utah and told her a little bit about the mormons. She let us come in for a drink and we talked for a bit. She was super nice but unfortunately said she doesn´t beleive in anything and doesn´t want to talk about religion. But we might end up going by again sometime to try to teach her and her family something. Just a good person who needs the gospel and doesnt know it.

It was a weird, super different week, but it was awesome! I´m excited to be here and learn from this área. Should be super fun. Thanks for everything, I hope everyone has a great week!

Les quiero, Elder Burton  

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