Monday, September 12, 2016

Email September 12, 2016

Email September 12. 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
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Another awesome week! I know I start all of my emails like that but it's true, every week is just awesome. Maybe someday I'll get more creative with how I start my emails. We'll see haha :)

On Tuesday we started zone conferences in Monte Grande. And I think it was pretty obvious that it was the first zone conference of President and us the assistants. It was kinda rough, we had some problems with food not showing up, and also with some technical stuff. But it was a great learning experience for us and I think the zone still got a lot out of it. On thursday we did it again in the zone of Longchamps and it went ten times better! It was very spiritual and we were all very edified. It felt good to see how well it turned out. We've changed a few more things for the conferences next week, they should go really well, I'm excited. 

After the conference on thursday, my comp and I did divisions with the zone leaders in Longchamps. I used to be zone leader of that zone so that meant that I had the chance to go back to my second area in the mission, Alejandro Korn!!! And wow, it was definitely one of the best days I've had in the mission. I was able to see all the members there which was so great, I hadn't realized how much I'd missed that ward. It was a day of hugs and smiles :) I was also able to see Mabel, who I taught and was baptized while I was there in Korn. ANd she is doing so great!! She's super strong in the church, helping the sister missionaries teach lessons all the time. She is also still wanting to serve her own mission in a few years. But the best part is that after she got baptized her mom began to come to church with her and now she has a date to be baptized the 24th of september!!! And she asked me if I can come and perform the baptism! We'll see if that's possible, but it makes me so happy that that family is doing so well. The gospel really is changing their lives. It was so good to be able to see them again, I love the people in that ward so much.

Well, that has been my week. We'll see what the next one has to bring. I love this work and I know that Christ is with us in it. I hope you all have a great week!!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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