Monday, September 5, 2016

Email September 5, 2016

Email September 5, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Week of preparation

It's been another good week down here in Buenos Aires! This week was way calmer than the first few wich was nice, we were able to take a little breather before we jump into the craziness again for the next few weeks. On wednesday we had a meeting with all of the district leaders in the mission. A lot of them are new so we talked a little bit about their responsibilities and then focused on some things that we are trying to improve in the mission. My comp and I were both able to teach and it went really well. The rest of the week was spent preparing for zone conferences which start tomorrow. We'll be doing two a week for the next three weeks which should be fun. Lot's of traveling, I'll be getting to know a lot more of the mission which I'm really excited for. 

Well, I don't really have anything else to say from this last week. Like I said, it was pretty much a week a preparation for the weeks to come which was good. Preparation is super important. It´s the foundation. But something interesting that Elder Packer taught us a few weeks ago is that all the really successful missionaries who baptize a lot use 30% of their time preparing, 20% for teaching, And then 50% for follow-up. I had never given so much importance to following up on the things we teach. But it makes a ton of sense. When time is used that way, people can learn on their own by putting the teachings in practice. They take control of their learning and we just guide them along. It´s something that I want to improve a lot.

Well, I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for everything!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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