Monday, March 6, 2017

Email March 6, 2017

Email March 6th 2017 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Interviews, Las Flores

It´s been another great week! Most of it was spent traveling again to other zones to help president with the interviews of the missionaries. I love being able to help with things like that and get to now so many great missionaries. Missionary work really is incredible. Sometimes I wonder how God can trust a work so important and precious to such young and inexperienced youth. Then I remember: We are not the ones doing the work, He is, and we are only tools in his hands. I used to think that it was our job then as missionaries to sharpen ourselves while we are here to be the best tools that we can be. But no, as in all things God is the master, and it is him who uses the mission as a wet stone  to sharpen us into the tools that he needs us to be. I love the mission. I´m learning so much everyday. I´m still pretty dull, mabye still only a hunk of metal starting to take form, but I have felt the atonment changing me and molding me. I love this gospel.

Yesterday we went with president and his wife to attend church in the farthest branch in the mission. It´s three hours away, in a tiny farm town called Las Flores. What a great little branch! It was so neat to meet the few but faithful members there. The branch president is about 25 years old. It was testimony meeting and I had the chance to bear my testimony to the members  which was a great experience. I could just feel the Lords love for the people there and I could see the happiness in there eyes. I love seeing th joy and blessing that the gospel brings to all people in all parts of the world. I wish that everyone could experience it.

Well I hope that you all have a great week!! I love you all so much.

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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