Sunday, February 11, 2018

Email February 11, 2018

Email February 11, 2018 – Elder Jackson Kunzler Burton

Hey everyone!
     So guess what! I got transferred to Hakodate! There was an emergency transfer, I got a call on Friday from President McClure saying he needed me to transfer by the next day. So now I'm in Hakodate, and my new companion is Elder Jensen. He's from Pocatello, Idaho, and he's awesome! I was sad to leave Eniwa and Elder Fukuda, I loved that area, and even just a week with a Japanese companion helped my Japanese a ton, but I'm excited to be in Hakodate! It's the southernmost city in the mission, and it's a really big tourist location. It's right by the ocean which is cool, we're going fishing later for P-day. My first night here we went to see a fireworks show with an investigator which was way cool. The members here are great, they're really willing to help with missionary work which is so important.

     So before I transferred I was able to go to the Sapporo Snow Festival and it was so cool! It's incredible the size and detail of some of the snow sculptures the had. I took a ton of pictures, I'll send some of them. Besides that, we were able to find a new investigator on our way to teach another investigator, and he actually ended up coming to our lesson. The investigator we were going to teach speaks English, so a sister in my district and I taught her in English while my companion taught the new investigator in Japanese, it was interesting. The investigator we taught in English is that lady from Malaysia, and she accepted to be baptized! The only issue is that she's currently Hindu and she didn't really understand that she can't be both Hindu and LDS. I think she kind of had the idea that Christ was just another god to worship along with the Hindu gods, but I think she understands now so she's going to pray about it. I think she'll still end up getting baptized, it might just take a little longer than we thought.
     Before I end, I just want to say that I know that God's hand is in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes it seems like our lives are just full of random events, but I promise that everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences, everything is a part of God's plan. Put your trust in Him and one day you'll see how it all fits together. I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Burton

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