Sunday, February 4, 2018

Email February 4, 2018

Email February 4, 2018 – Elder Jackson Kunzler Burton

Hey everyone!
      We had transfers this week! I'm staying in Eniwa, but I have a new companion and he's Japanese! His name is Elder Fukuda. He's a really nice guy. I was super nervous to get a Japanese companion because my Japanese is still pretty bad, but it's been ok. I've surprisingly been able to mostly communicate what I want. He speaks a little English so that helps too. But it's been fun. It's definitely a lot different than working with an American companion, but I'll get used to it eventually.

     In other news we've had some great things happen this week! On Tuesday, we invited Kaeri to be baptized and he accepted! I'm sure we could've set a date too, the problem is that he actually lives in a different area but he works in Eniwa on Sundays so he only has time to come to our ward before work. But he's going to try to get his break changed to Sunday so we'll see how that goes. I'm sad though because when he gets baptized it'll probably be in the other area so I probably won't see it, but it's ok because the important thing is he's following Christ! The other exciting thing is that Sutha came to church! She's the lady from Malaysia who we met over a month ago and said she would come to church but until yesterday we hadn't seen her and had only messaged her a little so I was so happy when she showed up! She actually came right at the end of sacrament meeting which was too bad, but she stayed for the rest of church and she loved it! She said she had been feeling kind of heavy before, but from church she felt such a light, good feeling. And she kept saying how grateful she was that she had met us and that we had invited her to church. We were also able to teach the restoration after church, she's going to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, and we're meeting again on Friday! I'm so pumped. God's hand really is in everything, yesterday was such a miracle right when I needed it. He knows who is prepared to accept the gospel and He really does guide them and us to exactly where we need to be. Seeing people come unto Christ brings a joy that compares with nothing else. I know this is His work, and He will help it move forward.
     One last thing, for P-day today we're going to the Yukimatsuri (Snow Festival) in Sapporo! I'm so excited! I'll take lots of pictures and send them next week. Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Burton

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