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January 13, 2014

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Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton – Week Four

Burnch of Burtons

The begining of a great week today, we got snow! Which I guess it has its ups and downs. Snow will be more dry than all the rain, but it also means its quite a bit colder. It will be interesting bikeing, we havnt tried that yet today.

Speaking of bikes this week we were planning on bikeing a good 12 or so kl to try and contact a referal we recieved. Which was kind of a cool story itself. Ill get to that in a min. Within the first fifteen min of biking Ældste Hinrichs chain had poped off maybe three times, the last time we put it back on we lifted the bike up, he got on, pedled once and the chain came right back off. Then the phone rang so we ended up not having enough time to finish the trip. Instead we went back to the apartment and tightened the chain. Which seems to have worked sence it hasnt come off sence.

We were on splits again this week. Ældste Mogensens grandma passed away so he flew to Bornholm for the funeral. Ældste Merrill then spent two days with us, which worked out great. We got two eating apointments out of it. One was with a vietnamise lady named Lan. There was so much food! Eight cources! And everytime you started running low on food Lan would point at everything and say spis, spis, and all you can do is smile and let her load you up another plate of food. I was full after the first plate, yet somehow managed to get two more down. Not counting the bowl of soup we started with.

So tuesday nights is CUV. Which is a young adults activity/ institute class for anyone from the age of 14 to 30. If it was just 14 to 18 there would hardly be anyone there. Anyway that morning we planned on sending Ialla (spelling?) to see if he would like to come to CUV that night. He's the Muslim that we ran into a few weeks ago.
We took a bus to go contacting and were waiting at a stop when Ældste Hinrichs looks out the door and sees Ialla standing about 30 yards off. We jumped off the bus, and ended up talking to him for a good hour and then inviting him to CUV, and we made a plan to meet him at the bus station and going with him to CUV. It was perfect, we found out that he had left his phone at home that day. So if we had sent him a text or even called him we would have never been able to have gotten him to come to CUV that night. He injoyed it too, and wants to come again this week.
Because hes Muslim we dont know how far things will go with him. Its more because he wants to find out more about others beliefs, than because he's looking for a new religion. He is still very strongly Muslim. But we'll see, theres a reason we keep running into him.

Which brings me to the referal we recieved that we were going to bike out to. At the bus station with Ialla, waiting to go to CUV a girl from one of Iallas classes walks up says hi then hands each of us a buisness card then walks away. And there we are standing there with a name, address, phone number, and email. Theres no way you can get a more complete referal. We're going to try and contact her again this week.

Yesterday we got to go to five hours of church. The Svenbor Elders had missed there train and so one spent the night in our apartment and one was with Ældste Merrill and Ældste Mogensen because of the bedding situation. We then had to meet all back up before Seccond Ward started at 10.00, but right befor Ældste Hinrichs and I where about to leave our investigator Long comes walking up the stairs. He must have forgoten that the wards switched times after new years. We ended up staying for the first two meetings with Lang then he left for something and we were able to go get lunch and get our scriptures and suitcoats that we hadnt had on us that morning. Then we went back and found Lars another investigator at church. It was great! We hadnt been able to contact Lars for a little while so it was awesome that he came to church. We were woried he might have dropped us.


I gave myself a haircut this week. It actually turned out really well. I was able to borrow buzzers from Ældste Merrill when we picked him up for splits, and then I cut it that night before bed. Ill include a picture of it. I was going to leave it a little longer than I did, but I hadnt realized you could change the leangth on the clippers until after I had started going. Ah well it still turned out good. At least I didnt end up bald..... no offence dad.


The language is..... slow. Im picking up more words and speaking/ pronounciation Im getting a little better. Actually its more like im just able to remember more of the words. I've learned a lot and I recognize even more, I just dont always remeber what they are and how to use them. Understanding is just as bad as it has been. Missionaries I can understand really well especially when their giving a lesson or saying something gospel related, but everyone else its hard. I tried to have a note book in church that I would write down all the words I didnt know, but most of the words I dont know are all just slurred together and spoken really fast. And then I dont really know how to spell them so later its really hard to find out what they mean because I have them writen wrong.

Oh, there was a baptism on saturday! A girl named Isabella who the sisters have been working with for a while. It was really cool, so many people showed up the baptisimal room was packed. Her parents and younger brother came, who are non members. It was there first time being in a LDS church. They thought it was a super nice place and they loved how freindly everyone was. Its always cool to see peoples first experiences with the church be positive. The first impresions you leave are always the most important.

Good job Ike, Jack, and Brig with wrestling. Keep up the good work! Keep pushing yourselves, and remember to try to learn something new with each match or practice. Or any experience for that matter. There is always something we can all work on for everything that we do. Its just a matter of watching for ways to learn and then letting ourselves learn from them. Dont forget, the things you learn here and now will stick with you forever.

Mange Kærlighed!
Ældste Ken Burton


1- haircut

2- Ældste Hinrichs

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